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Tentacle Fumed Bubbler, 7.5 inches, Quick Hits, Color-Changing Fumed Glass, Bent Neck, Deep Bowl, Heavy Packs, Bubbler Pipe

Tentacle Fumed Bubbler

Although this bubbler’s name says otherwise, the Tentacle Fumed Bubbler produces quick and tasty hits. Another special feature of the Tentacle Fumed Bubbler is its bent neck. Smoother hits with this glassware filled properly with water or your favorite liquid for cooling.

Formula 420 - Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 – Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 – Glass Cleaner is the preferred solution for all things Glass (plus ceramic, metal and pyrex). Don’t stick with nasty, get it clean quickly! These are the official Formula 420 products for glass in 12 oz bottles.