Your Favorite Hemp Store in Chapel Hill, NC

hemp store chapel hill nc

The Largest Cannabis store in Orange County NC is not in Chapel Hill, the biggest city in Orange County, NC. In fact, more residents of Orange County and the Chapel Hill area know that there are convenient store in Chapel Hill that offer cannabis, but the best stores are just north of Chapel Hill.

Our Summer Giveaway has Been Announced!

One Source Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp

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Insomnia: Why Can’t I get to Sleep?

Are you facing Nights without quality Sleep? I am married to the founder of the Carolina Hemp Hut stores. The stores are NC Cannabis stores that specialize in holistic health and healing. I get interesting updates from the team at the stores. They see hundreds of customers in the stores on a weekly basis. Many […]

Do you Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Set goals instead of making New Year's resolutions

This Article was originally published at New Year resolutions have been popular for years. I’ll hear, “What resolutions did you make?” from well-intentioned people. My standard reply is, “I make resolutions daily, and so should you. Let me know if you would like to learn more.” I do not intend to sound cocky or […]

Dapper Yankee Soaps and Beard Oil

Dapper Yankee Soaps and Beard Oil

“The Dapper Yankee products are an impressive collection of masculine or outdoor oriented aromas …” It all started with a little flirtation with a Citrus Blonde. The evening went very well, and I awakened in the morning feeling fresh and invigorated. I could still smell the faint scent of Citrus and Hops from the night […]

Free Trial Offer CBD Scam

Have you seen the ads in Social Media or search engines offering a FREE Trial Offer for CBD drops or gummies? You’re not alone! Here’s how to spot the scammers who want to separate you from your money!

Let’s Talk about Cannabis: SB711 (NC)

This year has been an interesting year so far. Cannabis stores such as the Carolina Hemp Hut have been seeing more customers return as the population feels more adventurous and safer to visit more retail destinations. People who have faced months of heightened anxiety have also had a moment to discover more of what CBD […]

Vindictive Reviews of CBD Stores

Carolina Hemp Hut reviews

It is not just ironic that there is the first negative review appearing on the same day as the termination of a disgruntled employee. We would hope that all reviews found here would be honest and related to the customer’s true experience with the staff and products at the Carolina Hemp Hut and not intentional […]

Delta-8: Is it Helpful for your Health?

Delta 8 Hemp for Health

We hear more about cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC and many people are curious. The Team at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores takes the time to break down what Delta-8 is and what it may do for you and your health.

Cannabis Strain List – March 2021: Carolina Hemp Hut

CBD Molecule

Continuing our tradition of listing our Cannabis strains currently in stock for our Carolina-based stores, we’ve decided to move the list off of the chalkboards and list them on-line in our Carolina Hemp Hut e-commerce store. We greatly appreciate you visiting here and checking out our growing list of monthly carried cannabis strains. Even though […]