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137 Mayo Street

Hillsborough, NC 27278 (Flagship Store)

4600 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd

Suite 21 Durham, NC 27707


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Author: David Pratt Carter

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Explore the Best Cannabis Dispensary in NC

We have a choice when it comes to herbal products and selection of cannabis products. Vape shops offer questionable weed, convenience stores offer edibles with Delta 8 THC, and groceries have CBD lotions. Where do you find the Best Cannabis Dispensary in NC?

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Carolina Hemp Hut is the largest hemp store in North Carolina. Consulting services are available

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strain

Choosing the right cannabis strain is essential for achieving the desired effects and maximizing the benefits of your favorite cannabis. In larger dispensaries such as the Carolina Hemp Hut, numerous strains are available, each offering unique characteristics. Understanding how to choose the right strain can greatly enhance your cannabis experience. In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting a cannabis strain that suits your specific needs.

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Pure Hemp Smokes carton of CBG hempettes from Carolina Hemp Hut

Pure Hemp Smokes Review

When you have blocks of time between customer visits in the the dispensary, you tend to get scrutinize your collection of products if you are really curious about cannabis. This is why it is pretty easy to put some words down which reflect a real Pure Hemp Smokes review from the perspective of a budtender.

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What Happens When You Take CBD or THC?

What Happens When You Take CBD or THC?

Have you ever wondered how the compounds of Cannabis work within your body?

The Carolina Hemp Hut consultant team continues to pursue more information to help educate our wonderful customers.

If you have ever wondered “how it works” when it comes to the CBD or THC drops you enjoy?

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What is THCa?

What is THCa?

THCa flower, being low (below the legal level) of Delta 9 THC, has become the most popular source of beneficial cannabinoids in recent weeks. While most dispensaries offer lab-tested and authentic flower, some vendors cut corners and offer products which are both illegal and likely dangerous if consumed.

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Carolina Hemp Hut offers full service dispensary services. We are the "dispensary near me" throughout the Triangle and we ship fast across the USA.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are a group of organic compounds found in many plants, including cannabis. They are responsible for the characteristic smells and flavors associated with different plants and can have a variety of biological effects.

Our team loves teaching people about the various terpenes and cannabinoids in our products

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