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The Largest Delta 8 Store in North Carolina, the best dispensary in Durham

Friday 03/24/2023: What’s happening at the Hut

The best dispensary in Durham NC is rolling out a lot of great 4/20 deals early on! Come in soon to experience better savings on higher quality hemp-derived goods than you will be able to find in any Vape/Tobacco or Convenience store.

This Week (Mar 24-Mar 31) is the ONLY TIME THIS YEAR you can get some of these super Buy TWO Get TWO free deals on some amazing products. These sales go quickly. They are scheduled for a week, but as new products come out, they sell out faster than we can update the website in some cases. If you want to ensure you get your products, give us a call to place your order via phone.

Take a look at these sale Prices

Urb Delta 9 THC Gummies (10 Pack)

Urb Delta 9 Gummies Yuzu Creamsicle

Our online price is now only $5.95. Buy In-Store or online for similar deal!

Urb Delta 9 THC Gummies (10 Pack) are often called jello shots and offer 10mg of Delta 9 per edible. Choose from Peach Mango, Pomegranate Breeze,  Yuzu Creamsicle, and Blood Orange.

Normally $29.95. Now Get Two

for the price of only one!

Pure Pet CBD Drops, IN STORE SPECIAL ONLY are Buy One, Get One FREE. These are 900mg Tincture bottles. Found only at the best dispensaries in Durham.

It’s the start of workout and work outside season! You’re bound to get aches and pains.

When you do, maybe you’d like to say goodbye to discomfort quickly. Or, maybe you just like the sympathy of people when you groan as you stand up or sit down.

Or maybe you can save a lot of money with this super brief sale of One Source Botanicals brand Roll On. Only $20.75. That’s $54.20 off! This is a definite stock up now sale.

One Source Botanicals Hemp based muscle gel with Delta 8 THC to help ease discomfort fast!
Delta 8 THC Gummies, Pineapple 50mg each in 6 pack with 300mg total per package, sold in bulk with 100 packs per box

300mg of Delta 8 THC in these handy 6 count packs (50mg each gummy) mean you can have gummies on the go with great tropical pineapple taste.

When on the go and you are looking for a relaxation boost, then grab a Grizzly!

There’s a catch though. These are bulk gummies and come in 100 count boxes. Each box has 100 packs. Each pack has six delectable gummies. For far less than what you would find in any store, you can have the wholesale deal at your retail enjoyment!

We recommend teaming up with friends and securing your own collection of fine 50mg Vegan gummies before these run out with this amazing pricing.

Be sure to visit our blog frequently during the 420 Month of Specials so you can snag some killer deals for yourself!