Black Friday Comes Just Once a Year!

For millions of people Black Friday is the time to do some serious Christmas shopping. According to "The term “Black Friday” (in the retail sense) was coined in the 1960s to mark the kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” refers to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when accounting records were kept by hand, and red ink indicated a loss, and black a profit."

We're aware that many people forget or put off their Holiday shopping until the last minute. Many begin the process on or around the end of November or on Black Friday. We're sure many are also aware that the "Cyber Monday" is a more modern term coined to address the wealth of Online Stores and their sales following the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will be featured as part of our In-Store and On-Line stores for Carolina Hemp Hut (and our sister store, Hemp Oil Rockstar). We do hope you visit BOTH sites (this one and Hemp Oil Rockstar) because we will have many similar products BUT different sale prices on many items. It's a bit of a treasure hunt for some, a bit of a challenge for others. But, we assure each of our customers and subscribers (if you've not already signed up, you should!) that we will be providing great deals throughout the weekend at all of our locations.

CBD and Hemp Oil

Many of our customers are eager to discover whether we're featuring any of our Nature's Love Hemp Oil Extracts in our sales. Well, the fans have spoken up and we're listening. We're going to be offering ALL of our CBD Hemp Oil Products (Tinctures) in various sales throughout the weekend. Everything at the Carolina Hemp Hut will be on sale at one point or another during the weekend. Our Extracts, Tinctures and Salves will be prominently offered to customers who appreciate healthier living. An example of one sale package being offered is our the wonderful ReLeaf CBD (500mg) Lotion with a 500mg Bottle tincture of our Nature's Love CBD for a very low price of only $75! This is a package deal for Friday (and maybe at another time over the weekend!) - so don't miss out. These special deals and others are ALL limited to in stock items. Once an item sells out, we'll discontinue the deals associated with it.

It pays to shop early!

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Diamond CBD Infused Products

We have some wonderful edibles in stock from Diamond CBD. These adult only edibles are infused with PLENTY of CBD for your health-boosting actions. We're assigning prices to these items in both our online and in store deals that will knock your socks off. For example, the ultra rich CBD Cake Pops (a lot like a chocolate dipped tasty CBD filled Oreo cookie) will be Buy 3 Get ONE FREE! Each of these Cake Pops is chock full of CBD with 30mg infused within the tasty dessert treat. Our regular price of $15 each will be slashed if you buy 3 and grab a 4th one on us!

CBD Cake Pop CBD Infused [Edible Candy]

CBD Cake Pop CBD Infused [Edible Candy]

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