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Cannabis Strain List – March 2021: Carolina Hemp Hut

Carolina Hemp Hut’s March Cannabis Strain List

Continuing our tradition of listing our Cannabis strains currently in stock for our Carolina-based stores, we’ve decided to move the list off of the chalkboards and list them on-line in our Carolina Hemp Hut e-commerce store.

We greatly appreciate you visiting here and checking out our growing list of monthly carried cannabis strains. Even though we may not have every strain listed on our website, if we carry them in our stores, we ship them. If you see a strain which we carry in-store, you can always place a phone order with us (855-HEMP-OIL) and get the current pricing based upon our famed “Bud Club” membership. This has been as low as 60% off all bulk flower and select pre-rolls during the past month.

This Cannabis Strain list from the Carolina Hemp Hut is managed by the two lead budtenders at the Carolina Hemp Hut – Hillsborough and the Carolina Hemp Hut – Durham stores.

  1. Trophy Wife
  2. Sour Space Candy
  3. Cherry Citrus
  4. Prez Obama
  5. T1
  6. Organic Lifter
  7. Organic Hawaiian Haze
  8. OG Purple Kush
  9. Sunset Rd Sherbert #2
  10. Suver Haze
  11. Desert Snow (CBD Rich)
  12. AC Diesel #2
  13. Banana Kush
  14. Bubba Kush
  15. Acapulco Gold #2
  16. Delta-8 BaOX Moon Rocks
  17. D8 Lifter with Cherry Diesel

Our Pre-Roll list will be updated shortly.

  1. Skywalker OG Party Pre-rolls LIMITED AVAILABILITY!
  2. Hawaiian Haze King rolls
  3. Organic Lifter King rolls
  4. Sour Space Candy King rolls
  5. Sunbeam Haze King rolls
  6. Moon Rock King rolls
  7. Mango Moon Rock King rolls
  8. Special Sauce King rolls
  9. Cherry Citrus King rolls
  10. Cherry Citrus 85 rolls
  11. Cherry Citrus mini rolls
  12. Stormy Daniels King rolls
  13. Suver Haze King rolls
  14. OG Purple Kush King rolls
  15. T1 King rolls
  16. T1 85 rolls
  17. AC Diesel #2 King rolls
  18. Sunset Rd Sherbet #2 King rolls
  19. Desert Snow (CBG) King rolls
  20. House Blend #2: Sativa: Honolulu Haze #2, Sunset Road Sherbet #2 and Juicy Fruit #2
  21. Banana Kush
  22. Bubba Kush
  23. House Blend #4: Indica: Casino Cookies, Trophy Wife and Charlotte’s Sauce #2

Cannagar List

There are 42 Cannagars currently in stock.

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham
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