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High THCA flower Jack Herer Strain Sativa ounce, 7g and 3,5g

Cannabis Strain List for April, 2023

The Carolina Hemp Hut Cannabis Strain Guide for April, 2023

Our Cannabis Strain Guide April, 2023 edition provides a complete (with active editing) list of our available hemp-derived and currently legal cannabis products.

We continue with our high quality standards and only offer Third-party testing with frequent re-testing for quality. This makes some of our products a little more expensive than you may find with other shops, but we do not cut corners and offer our customers flower products which test high for Round-Up and other very harmful chemicals.

The Cannabis Strain Guide April 2023 will provide you with the quickest way to prepare for your shopping trip either online (our web store often is restricted from offering some In Store items) or In Store. If you find it on our list and you would like to order it to be prepared for pickup, delivery in our service area, or shipped quickly to you, we can help. 

Please call us at our Phone Orders line or one of our dispensaries. Someone will be happy to guide you through the simple process. Plus, you will get a great chance to talk to some great people who can help you learn a lot about hemp and natural health. 

Delta 8, Delta 9 Live Resin, Delta 10, CBG, CBD and similar


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To make things easier, we use a definition of weed as “anything from cannabis” as a start. Once we have that, we look to find what you are targeting since some people prefer concentrates or edibles over flower. In any case, Carolina Hemp Hut is one of the most-trusted and reliable sources for lab-tested and legal products. We are aware that other retailers may break away from the smart crowd and may offer “back room” products which are illegal.

Knowing this, our products are all high-end, mostly boutique indoor grown flower bulk, pre-rolls (joints), and bags.

We judge premium in many ways. First, we insure that it meets or exceeds strict guidelines for strength and legality. Second, we verify that the flower products all have suitable terpene profiles. After all, who wants boring bong hits? Third, we make sure there is nothing out of bounds in the Pesticides, Heavy Metals, and other reports. 

We often hear of people buying their flower from random vape shops where the cashier insists that their weed is fresh and premium as they pull out the nugs with their fingertips and toss into a cheap ziploc from a box on the counter.

This would be the opposite of premium.

We did not directly answer the question, but we hope our educational approach helps you make great decisions when buying cannabis flower products.

These questions can be instant “gotcha” questions. The reason is every one has their own interpretation of superior. 

Our budtenders and health consultants all understand for themselves that a flower with great nose (bouquet of terpenes) may not be the best at providing help with insomnia, for example.

What you think is great may be mediocre for others. Instead of describing the best delta 9 THC or Delta 8 thc or any other product, we like to find out what your preferences are as a start and we take you on a fun tour to explore terpenese, textures, and a host of cannabinoids with various possibilities for helping with your life discomfort.

We Ship Securely across the United States

We hope you explore our site and check out our products, our articles and our useful educational tools. If we did something to help you, let us know! 

If there is anything that we may be missing or you need to speak to someone at our dispensaries to assist you on an individual basis, take a look at “contact/locations” and get in touch with one of our experienced cannabis consultants. Your order can be processed quickly and you will be able to enjoy great products at your choice in no time.

Carolina Hemp Hut Cannabis Terpene Infographic useful with Cannabis Strain Guide February 2023

Strains we often work with:

CBD Rich strains

  • Animal Cookies
  • Tangerine Dream
  • CBD Therapy
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Hawaiian Dream
  • Cannatonic
  • Ringo’s Gift


THCa-rich hemp strains:

  • Cherry Wine
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Lifter
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Bubba Kush