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Carolina Hemp Hut needs a Little Hand from our Fans

Carolina Hemp Hut - Your CBD and Hemp Super Store

All we ask is just a few minutes of your time. Please help.

Deadline is Midnight April 13 (Monday)!

The local Chapel Hill Magazine is accepting VOTES for "Best of" in two categories where we are nominated. This is for final voting. So, your help is very important. Please find us in the two categories listed below and use the Vote button as appropriate to visit the actual voting page. Their voting was extended until April 13. Please vote today.


  • On the Category "Retail", scroll to the very bottom and locate "Best New Business" and WRITE IN "Carolina Hemp Hut - Hillsborough" and click the VOTE button.
  • On the "Services" Category, scroll to the very bottom and locate "Best Realtor or Realty Team" and WRITE IN "Mary Lopez Carter, Fathom Realty" and click the VOTE button.

This requires one vote for each category with one email address.

Please forward to others who would hopefully vote for these two entries (Carolina Hemp Hut and Mary Lopez Carter) - we need as many votes as we can get. The key goal is to be awarded “best” in these categories so we can send out Press Releases for each to escalate our businesses. Please help where you can. Greatly Appreciated!
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Mary Lopez Carter announces Opening of New Dedicated Hemp Store in Durham, NC

CBD: Carolina Hemp Hut in Durham at the Streets at Southpoint Mall

The First CBD Oriented Kiosk will open in North Carolina at the Streets of Southpoint Mall

Southpoint Mall, Durham, NC  A shop known as The Carolina Hemp Hut that specializes in one of the active components in cannabis, but not the one that gets you high, will open at The Streets at Southpoint Mall as a Kiosk. The Hemp Oil Rockstar, also known as Mary Lòpez Carter, a local Realtor®, will open a kiosk near the Nordstrom’s and JC Penney stores at the mall. The shop's grand opening will be held Saturday, October 27.

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is often shortened, is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant often produced by licensed Industrial Hemp growers and processors. The oil from the extract, also known as hemp oil, does not produce a psychoactive high like marijuana does. The active ingredient in marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. The legal limit of THC in any NC CBD store item is a maximum of .3% total THC.

Holistic health advocates claim there are many health benefits of using CBD. Such benefits may include abatement of some pain, reduction of inflammation, improved sleep plus anxiety relief among other claimed benefits. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the claims of the benefits of using CBD.

Carter is a practicing Realtor® in the Triangle area and the co-owner of a regional Marketing company, Ideas Envy LLC.

The Grand Opening will feature specials on CBD Gummies and other edibles for adults. In addition, all customers will receive discount cards for future purchases.

Ms. Carter has long advocated for acceptance of CBD as an alternative to conventional drugs since her husband, David, was diagnosed with a recurring brain tumor. “CBD has been shown in scientific and medical journals as effective against many types of cancer and adverse health conditions. I’m glad the US Farm Bill allowed for further acceptance of Hemp and its non-psychoactive products.”