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Carolina Hemp Hut has a wide selection of hemp edibles!

Whether you’re a fan of CBD-infused chocolate or have a hankering for yummy gummies with CBD and other naturally-occurring cananbinoids such as CBG, we have your edible items.

In addition to sweet treat edibles such as CBD rich gummy bears and Full Spectrum hard candy drops for adults, our stores offer great ingestible items such as CBD Living Water plus hemp oil extract infused Teas and Coffees. We have Hemp Fiber and Hemp Protein options too! One suggestion for a busy day with no chance to eat: Evo Hemp Protein bars (clean protein with great taste that helps you feel satisfied for a long time).

Take a moment and browse our web store selection or give us a call and find out what we have to offer in our stores. We ship across the USA!

Cannabinoid Based Edibles

Cannabinoid based edibles are edibles such as gummies, hard candies and similar which have naturally-occurring cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol, CBV, CBG and other beneficial cannabinoids. This, in some cases, will also include a trace amount of THC (under the legal limit in NC of 0.3% total by dry weight).

CBD Gummies

It's pretty much a given when most things such as vitamins, nutritional supplements and more can be delivered via gummy or candy form. Why not? So many people are adverse to the taste of some substances and taking pills and capsules. CBD Gummies and other edibles make it easier to add beneficial phytocannabinoids to your body.

Just to let you know, most gummies are tasty, however their cannabinoid content is absorbed less than a comparable strength in drops.

Vegan and regular CBD/Hemp gummies for sale at Carolina Hemp Hut. A far cry larger than Persessi Hemp and others in the area

Hemp Based Edibles

Hemp based edibles are edibles such as hemp protein bars, hemp fiber products and similar that have only a trace amount of naturally-occurring cannabinoids. Edibles such as this are beneficial to us as they are typically high in needed Omega fatty acids without having the allergic impact that other sources may have.