Is CBD just a tool to make sellers cash?

It’s Snake Oil, I tell ya!

Hemp is Returning to it's Glory Days

In one of our live webinars, we talked about the value of Hemp in our country. The United States relied heavily upon hemp and it's products for years. It seemed like Hemp became a bad due to politics, not effectiveness. In fact, tinctures of Hemp Oil Extract with both THC and CBD were sold as therapeutic products for years before lobbyists swayed politicians to ban all things hemp.

We closely follow the discussions of Hemp and CBD on social media. From time to time we love to share what others have posted. Below, we support the position of the person answering the question: Is CBD oil a modern-day version of homeopathy?

First, it's key to understand what homeopathy. Then, it's a good idea to understand a bit more of the history of hemp and do your own research. A couple of interesting tidbits before you delve into the world of Quora.

  1. Pubmed article searches are very useful in finding more info about conditions you or loved ones may be facing. Some of the findings published via pubmed will include very positive evidence and support for the use of cannabinoids.
  2. Pubmed articles will disappear for some apparent reason. Oddly, many CBD related articles have gone "poof" suddenly. We're not sure what happened with them - but we'd love to know.
CBD and Hemp Seeds - Good for your health