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Mary Lopez Carter founder of Carolina Hemp Hut the largest CBD and Hemp Store in North Carolina

We can Help you with Hemp!

We get LOTS of questions about hemp. For example, what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD? Our team is well-trained to help you right away. This way, you're able to get the answers you need to make the best decisions about your path to better health.

When you provide a little information, we can send you more educational and entertaining news about hemp that you can use right away!

We know it's important to not be bombarded with junk. That's why we steer clear of crud and provide timely info that you can use without a lot of clutter and SPAM.

We're the largest CBD and Hemp superstore in the Carolinas for a reason, we listen and help.

Hemp Oil Extract Drops

We're very careful to help each and every one of our customers appreciate the nuances with hemp products. We target helping each customer appreciated the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Oil Extract.

All of our drops are derived from clean-processed Hemp to produce the finest quality hemp oil extract drops available. 

Each of our product lines comes with third-party analysis (testing) and we offer product tastings for nearly every product in our stores (not available with on-line orders).

Hemp Oil Extract Edibles

We love the sweet treats with Hemp Oil Extract! When you're looking for CBD-based gummies, hemp oil extract gummies or similar, we likely have it.

People come to us for information on Hemp edibles or gummies. We do our research and provide healthier options wherever possible.

We concentrate on naturally goodness with limited artificial ingredients when we can. Additionally, many of our customers love the fact that many of our products are Vegan and/or Organic.

Hemp Bud/Flower

We are aware that many people are unaware of the benefits of hemp flower or hemp bud products. 

First, raw hemp flower isn't necessarily for smoking - even though many people use hemp as a smoking product. 

Second, hemp flower or bud is very useful to create homemade extracts which are very useful to address discomfort from various sources.

With our LEGAL hemp, you don't have the worry over having issues with law enforcement. We maintain the highest quality flower inventory with considerable stress on compliance to ensure that your purchases meet legal guidelines.

Hemp Nutrition

From a natural health perspective, we love the benefits of hemp fiber, hemp protein and more from the hemp plant.

We provide great products from well-respected brands across the country.

We will also take the time to help educate our customers on the differences between Hemp Oil (from the seed) and the Hemp Oil Extracts (from the aerial parts). One is great for Hemp recipes!

If you're not currently using hemp products in your meals to boost your health with more natural and clean products, consider hemp!

Hemp for Pets

We love our pets! They provide us with hours of comfort and entertainment. They also deserve reliable products which help them live healthier too!

Since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, this means your dogs and cats (and more) do too.

We invite you to browse the pet-related articles we have here on the web site and take a look at some of the great hemp based products which we offer for pet health.

Hemp Oil Extracts for dogs and cats may assist them in reducing the discomfort they face from thing such as:

  • Aging
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Loud Noises/Thunderstorms
  • Visitors and at home excitement
  • Joint/Muscle issues

Hemp Beauty/Topical Products

Hemp Oil Extract contributes amazing qualities to products for beauty and for application to the skin. 

Your skin is your largest organ. Why not treat it better without the use of questionable chemicals such as parabens and formaldehyde? 

We concentrate on "good for you" not just good to you types of products. With others, you may feel and look great, buy you may be harming your body. 

Our skin care and beauty products have benefits with regard to inflammation, hydration and more.

Many of our products are also excellent for use to alleviate discomfort associated with pains and aches as well as rashes and skin conditions!

Hemp Vaporizer Products

Hemp Oil Extract has been safely introduced as a vaporizer compatible product. Unlike the questionable illegal counterfeit THC-based cartridges and products loaded with chemicals to boost the plume of vapor, hemp extracted vape products are cleaner than nicotine products with added chemicals.

We offer electronic vaporizer products suitable for use with 510-threaded cartridges as well as vaporizers with tank attachments. For those who appreciate flower vaporizing without the oils, we also offer very handy and portable flower vaporizing accessories.


We offer more selection with more quality than most stores can match. We do this because we want to be your partner in better health. We provide the best quality combined with assured transparency with our products. We also want you to be able to find the best products for your personal health directions.

We'll never steer you to a particular product or brand. We'll provide detailed information on every product. We're big on product education.

Kalki THC Hemp Oil Extract
Liberty CBD Gummies
Hemplucid Hemp Oil Extract CBD Oil
Nuume organics CBD

Some of our Trusted Brands of Hemp Oil Extracts and Hemp Products

About Carolina Hemp Hut

Carolina Hemp Hut was founded by Mary Lopez Carter after discovering her husband's brain tumor had returned.

Now, her enterprising and service-oriented nature is helping hundreds to live healthier than ever, including her husband!


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