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Dapper Yankee Soaps and Beard Oil

Dapper Yankee Soaps and Beard Oil

"The Dapper Yankee products are an impressive collection of masculine or outdoor oriented aromas ..."

It all started with a little flirtation with a Citrus Blonde. The evening went very well, and I awakened in the morning feeling fresh and invigorated. I could still smell the faint scent of Citrus and Hops from the night before. What do I tell my wife?

I told her the truth. I loved the Citrus Blonde IPA soap from Dapper Yankee. It surprised me, in fact. When I first read the name of the honey yellow bar of soap, “Citrus Blonde IPA”, I thought it would smell like a brewery. Don’t get me wrong, I love good India Pale Ales. I’m more of a stout or porter fan myself, but the IPAs can be quite appealing. In the case of this soap, Dapper Yankee had the appeal in surplus.

I broke the ice in trying out the handmade soaps with the Citrus Blonde and moved on to try others. I continued my scent-sational journey with the Glacier Ridge and Bourbon Legend. All of these soaps were pulled from the Dapper Yankee Soap Sample Pack which I was able to get just after Thanksgiving.

Dapper Yankee Soaps and Beard Oil

Review Shortcut: The Dapper Yankee products are an impressive collection of masculine or outdoor oriented aromas contained within carefully crafted toiletries available via the internet at

The sampler soaps are rich, full of great ingredients, and have incredible lasting scents which are perfect representations of the types of aromas I appreciate for myself. Frankly, my wife loves them too. She’s a lot like me and leans to the more outdoorsy scents like pine, cypress, and cedar with hints of citrus or juniper. Her scents are more in line with fresh, not flowery. To us, the choices of scents from our toiletries tend to mingle nicely with hers leaning towards the light and sweet with mine more durable – like the great outdoors.

I was nicely surprised by the selection of soaps in the sampler along with the added ingredients many of them had to improve the performance of the individual soaps. For example, pumice added to soaps provides a safe exfoliation for the face as you wash. This helps remove dead skin cells and promote rejuvenation of the outer layers of the epidermal tissue (your skin). The various soaps also offer other exfoliating ingredients such as oatmeal or tapioca. Not everyone has the goal of exfoliating and I admit I’m not keen on the process as a ritual. I’ve learned from my wife that cleaning the skin super well from time to time does help with lowering the incidence of breakouts while minimizing the appearance of things like fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.

I just recently grabbed the soap named “Rodeo Man” and decided to test it out as shave soap. Normally one will find higher concentrations of kaolin clay or similar in dedicated shaving soaps (in case you haven’t used a shave brush before, you should give it a try – shave brushes work well with shaving soaps and provide better results than you will get with canned shave foam). But this bar had just the right amount to generate a lot of thick lather easily. The scent of this was almost like an adventure itself with the outdoors aroma of cedar coupled with the subtle fragrance of Earl Grey Tea. My vision of a rodeo man evolved from the bronco buster to more of a sophisticated ranch owner who enjoyed sponsoring rodeos: Classy with Outdoors in mind.

My curiosity got to me, so I delved into the research of the ingredients of each of the soaps. It turns out that all ingredients I researched were what people these days refer to as Clean. This is a great word to describe soap, yet it is so much more. Clean was not only how you feel when you use these soaps, but you feel more confident and comfortable with the product since there is not a single ingredient I could find that has been harmful to humans topically. Many of the ingredients, if they were not combined in soap form, are quite edible and tasty. (Did I mention the IPA already?)

Dapper Yankee Soap sampler

In my research, I also discovered that the sponsoring company is truly created as a handmade soap company. The founder had a vision for great soaps with a masculine lean that were not your typical mass-produced detergent bar. On this note I found that most of us are probably scrubbing down our bodies with a bountiful collection of chemicals when we use detergent bars (for example, Coast, Dove, and Irish Spring are ALL artificially created detergents and not natural soaps). If you compare the natural soap ingredients in any Dapper Yankee soap you can easily see that each soap bar is a tried-and-true bar of soap. I equate this to a more honest-to-goodness and reliable clean rather than a clean which I suspect may have left latent chemicals on my body which may cause issues or health problems later.

I have gravitated slowly but deliberately away from additional chemicals in my body and on my skin and hair. Because of my own health journey, I’ve discovered the benefits of staying more in tune with botanical and natural products (think of the difference between a detergent bar and a soap bar as an analogy relating Fast Food to a from-the-farm home-cooked meal). This makes me far more comfortable choosing a product from the line-up from Dapper Yankee rather than any product from the mass-produced chemical companies.

Since I also have a goatee, which I’ve groomed, treated, and trimmed for years, I also tried the Rodeo Man beard oil. Same great smell as the soap bar! This to me is a bit win. For those who like to keep the basic aromas the same, instead of combining a bunch of fragrances from multiple toiletries, the Rodeo Man and Bourbon Legend products line up with great beard oils and soaps. The Rodeo Man beard oil works as well as the home-made beard oils I have been using but combine the lively aroma described before.

I have certainly enjoyed other high quality, hand-made soaps before. However, it is rare to find a soap that has the charisma of the products I’ve tried from Dapper Yankee. Great ingredients, great bouquet, and before I fail to mention it, amazing packaging. With Dapper Yankee, you get what you expect combined with a flare that makes you take notice immediately. Altogether, Dapper Yankee products have proven to be some of the best hand-made, quality soaps available for men and anyone who appreciates the rugged flare and natural ingredients. 


I have tried the Soap Sampler, beard oils, and assorted individual soaps to provide this review. I understand from the Dapper Yankee website that there are plenty of other products from which one could choose for their foray into smelling better.


Value is really great considering the cost of some of the handmade soaps you can often find wrapped in kraft paper at artisan festivals and the like. Plus, you can take advantage of their sales from time to time!

It’s not easy to find fragrances for men that are clean, yet not overpowering. Plus, having choices that are natural and created by master soap makers makes these bars the bomb!

Key Tips

Here are some key tips I considered for those who are thinking of trying out Dapper Yankee products themselves:

  1. Don’t buy these products if you truly appreciate the normal odor or bouquet you naturally produce.
  2. Don’t buy these products if your prefer artificially scented, chemically created detergents to cleanse your body and naughty parts.
  3. Don’t buy these products if you live in a cave in the hills far from any other human.
  4. Don’t buy these products if your still obsessed with Brut by Faberge, Hai Karate, or English Leather colognes
  5. And finally, Don’t buy these products if the idea of a craft-made, natural ingredients and wonderfully scented personal care products are a turn off to you.

Final Words

I invited invite you to give their products a try, even if you go directly to their e-commerce store. The folks there have been very attentive to customer requests and questions. You’ll be happy with the entire transaction.

I also invite you to go ahead and leave a comment here to let us know how you felt about your purchase(s). We would love to compare experiences. Plus, we’d love it if you shared this blog post among your friends and family. I’d suggest you first think of those who have a personal bouquet you’d like to see let us just say “amended for the better” to improve their overall social standing.

Lastly, let me know what reviews, services and products you’d like to see in the future in our newly reformatted category groups. We’ve been testing out a lot of fun natural products and will change directions for some products if we get enough feedback. Simply comment here or drop us a note at

Have an amazing day!

David Pratt Carter, Marketing Lead - Carolina Hemp Hut

David P. Carter


David is a Cancer fighter and advocate for healthy living. He’s a continued survivor of significant health challenges and credits cannabis, cuisine (better nutrition), and positive thinking with his continued health successes David is an avid researcher of all things hemp, cannabis, botanical, and natural health. He’s written numerous guest articles and continues to provide articles for Carolina Hemp Hut, NYC CBD Source and other retail and educational web sites. David can be reached for public-speaking events and Zoom presentations via the Carolina Hemp Hut “contact” page or through the Ziglar Legacy Training portal.

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