Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham

Your options for Natural Health in Durham just Got Better.

The health team and products from the Carolina Hemp Hut store at the Streets at Southpoint Mall has grown. Now, the trusted brands and hemp expertise which you've experienced before is more available to you than ever!

You can find the best hemp products including natural additives, hemp-themed apparel and so much more at the new hemp superstore in Durham. It's time to visit the Carolina Hemp Hut.

Mary Lopez Carter, Founder of Carolina Hemp Hut with her official Llama Face Mask to defend against COVID19

Meet the Carolina Hemp Hut founder

I researched Hemp Oil Extract with CBD and Cancer.

When my husband was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer, I learned how important natural remedies are to us as alternatives to Chemotherapy and similar procedures. Starting with my husband, David, I made sure that I could help people get HEALTHIER with the help of BOTANICAL solutions where prescription drugs may be missing the mark.

I make sure we offer remedies that people can AFFORD while they take steps to improve HEALTH. We offer High Quality Cannabinoids to people who CARE about Natural Health solutions and want to boost their health naturally.

Mary Lopez Carter

Your Health is important to Us. The Carolina Hemp Hut provides the highest level of education and service.

Carolina Hemp Hut has won multiple awards for customer service excellence

Carolina Hemp Hut offers natural options with legal hemp to help people live better lives

Carolina Hemp Hut team members help you save money with great options and super sales

Find us in Durham

The much bigger Carolina Hemp Hut - Durham store is now located in the Oak Creek Village Shopping Center. It's a neighbor of TJ Maxx, JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, and other great stores and restaurants.

Durham Carolina Hemp Hut
Joy Torain Testimonial

Joy T., Roxboro

We met the owners and cute little fur baby, they were so kind and helpful. Their knowledge of the products was fantastic. We've been back a few times to restock and purchased some lotions and oils that are wonderful. I recommend this location not only for the products, they make you feel like your business is wanted, talk to you like people and not just trying to sell you something just for a sell. My mom and I appreciate them so much.

Linda G - Hillsborough Hemp Oil Review

Linda G., Hillsborough

They're best in Service, beyond any pharmacy, beyond all the rest! There's only one place I will go now for anything Hemp. The guys at the Carolina Hemp Hut KNOW their stuff. They're the nicest folks you can find. And, they're patient beyond compare. This is absolutely the only place I trust for...Hemp products for my family, me and my dog!

Amber H. Carolina Hemp Hut testimonial and review

Amber H., Augusta, GA

The owners are very educated on their products. They are awesome people that really care about their customers! I’ve been in other Hemp stores but they do not compare to this one!

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Carolina Hemp Hut - Hillsborough was selected as a finalist in the Best of the Triangle voting for 2020. 

Visit the new Durham store to see why they have such a great reputation!