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If you're seeking to buy "Hemp Oil Extract" or CBD (plus other cannabinoids) legally, then you're visiting the perfect source for information on "All Things Hemp".

You may seek out information at a local gas station where you see a small display of Hemp Bombs or Green Roads hemp oil extract products. These little displays are effective for getting people to discover CBD for the first time, but they're not very good at helping people 1) learn enough to be an "educated consumer" and 2) helping people start with an effective, affordable hemp oil extract product.

We understand the difficulty of buying reputable CBD online. This is why we work harder to provide better service and better products. We couple this with exceptional products. So, when you search for “Buy CBD online” - we have you covered

Everyone at Carolina Hemp Hut is trained to carefully walk through many aspects of hemp and CBD with each customer because we know that trying out gas station sushi may end up in a bad experience. This is why we remind people that Gas Stations are great for fuel, not for CBD. Visit the experts at Carolina Hemp Hut or give them a call whenever you're feeling like searching on Google or another search engine for "CBD Near Me" or similar. We can help provide guidance with certified organic products as well as assured natural products.

Hemp Hut: Born in Carolina

No Matter where you are in North Carolina, the Carolina Hemp Hut has the expertise and the staff to help answer your questions and find the best products to match your needs. We work with our local (throughout the Triangle Area) clients and nation-wide clients with the same approach: Listen first, provided as much information as possible to educate, and follow up.

We are one of the first to open a North Carolina Hemp store. We created the Hemp Hut in Durham first. We soon expanded to Hillsborough.  The North Carolina Hemp Hut stores are growing in multiple ways!

What to Look for In CBD

Right now, you can look for CBD online and in stores in most States of the US. In some stores, it's a novelty item. In other stores, CBD is the headline act. This is the way it is in the Carolina Hemp Hut stores.

People have asked us "Where can I find CBD Near Me that is Trustworthy?"

We know that finding it is pretty easy these days but finding trustworthy CBD is the challenge. With thousands of customer encounters in our stores and thousands of satisfied customers backing this statement, we're pretty sure we can help you find the best fit for your own health management.

When you're seeking CBD products, there are a few simple aspects which you must examine before making a smart purchase. Let's review these:

  • Isolate/Full Spectrum/Broad Spectrum: When selecting a product, every CBD based product should reveal what type of cannabinoids are contained within the product. The three main options are:
    • Isolate, which means CBD alone has been isolated from the Hemp Oil Extract and it's the only Cannabinoid contained within the product
    • Full Spectrum, which means CBD is included as a natural product of extraction from the hemp plant and is included with other Cannabinoids such as CBG, CBV, and even a trace amount of THC
    • Broad Spectrum, which means the CBD is included often as an isolate from the regular full cannabinoid extraction process but has been blended with other extracted terpenoids and Cannabinoids to build a larger entourage effect from the hemp plant. Broad Spectrum could also be created with very specialized extraction that removes the THC trace amounts altogether while keeping most of the other extracted compounds from the hemp plant.

When selecting a product, it's key to know that isolated CBD products, or Isolates, are most often the cheapest alternative to Broad and Full Spectrum CBD products. They contain helpful CBD which has been shown to be beneficial to humans. Isolates do not contain the other Cannabinoids which are found in the Hemp plant or Hemp Oil Extract.  A Broad Spectrum products offers more therapeutic impact on us since it also offers some or many of the associated Cannabinoids and Terpenoids which are often found to be helpful to boosting mood and alleviating discomfort. For example, Limonene is a common terpenoid found in Hemp extracts. Full Spectrum hemp extracts will contain a wide array of Cannabinoids, most of which have some key therapeutic impact. In addition, Full Spectrum products WILL CONTAIN a trace amount (less than 0.3% under current guidelines) of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This tiny amount of THC does NOT offer the high often associated with the consumption of higher THC marijuana products. It DOES provide what is considered to be the "entourage effect". What this amounts to is a BOOST in the overall impact on the healthfulness of the products because THC is included with the other extracted compounds.

  • Dose: When dosing (or taking products with CBD and cannabinoids), you need to take note of the dose of the product.

We've had customers come in to the stores, request a product without any guidance and end up returning to the store with "I don't think this is working for me."  A few questions later and it's typical that the customer is not taking a dose suitable for noticeable therapeutic impact. The typical dose is going to be a "FULL DROPPER" when the product is CBD drops. If it's an ingestible or another product, the dosing should be clearly marked on the packaging. When you examine a bottle of Hemp Oil Extract (CBD), you should see the TOTAL amount of CBD in the bottle in milligrams (mg). If not, you should at least see the total number of doses and the milligrams of CBD per dose. If you don't see this information in one form or another, DON'T buy it. Making the dosing a slight bit more complex, if you have a 500mg bottle of CBD oil and the doses per container (look at the label for this info) is 30, then you total DOSE of CBD per dropper full is 16.67mg. This is calculated by the following formula: Bottle Total mg divided by the Total Doses in Bottle. In this case, 500mg/30 doses is 16.67mg/dose.

How to find the Best Deal on CBD

In our shops and in our videos, we explain to customer how to find the BEST DEALS per milligram on CBD products. We find that many scammers will offer products such as 300mg CBD for a Free Trial Offer of only $6.96 for shipping then hit you with the fine print and charge you for the next shipments of $79.95 PLUS shipping for the follow up bottles. This equates to over $0.26 per milligram! Compare this number to one of our most popular products from Nature's Love and you see you'd secure a HUGE bargain with only $0.08/mg. You save over 3.3X when you simply do some educated shopping.

We're leaders in educating customers on CBD

Not only are ALL of our products fully tested (third party lab results are available for Carolina Hemp Hut products), we won't stock them in our stores if they don't meet the testing guidelines. Brands such as HempBombs, GreenRoads, Star, Diamond CBD and others have failed to meet this standard and are not sold in our stores. Our premium products which include offerings from Hemp Adaptives™ and Hemplucid all have Third-Party testing which show the total cannabinoid content clearly. We don't want our customers paying for something they're not getting.

If you're ever curious about CBD products and would like to know more, we offer both FREE classes (monthly on the first Wed of each month at our HQ store in Hillsborough) and FREE phone consultations to help you understand more about CBD. We never pressure anyone to BUY CBD now. We do offer solid advice on choosing cannabinoids wisely, however. Give us a try soon - you'll be pleased you did.

Carolina Hemp Hut Locations

Hemp Hut - Hillsborough (Flagship Store)

Hillsborough Commons Shopping Center
137 Mayo Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Hemp Hut - Durham

(15/501 Business Area)
(Coming Spring 2020)

Hemp Hut - Chapel Hill/Carrboro


Hemp Hut - Pittsboro


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