Small pets can safely take CBD as long as the THC levels are extremely low

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Carolina Hemp Hut knows pet care is important. Learn about CBD, CBG and others for Pets

Dogs and Cats and other pets (including Horses) have endocannabinoid systems much like we have. Cannabidiol and other cananbinoids are phytocannabinoids which have been studied both clinically (with veterinarians) and anecdotally. While high THC products are not recommended for pets, other cannabinoids have shown benefit for most mammals as pets.

Our Hemp Oil Extract products are all free or very low THC to keep your pets safe.

We offer a variety of products for both direct administration (dosing) with drops for more accurate doses and treats.

Cannabinoid Based Pet Products for Better Pet Health

Since all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, it's possible to directly influence their health with the introduction of phytocannabinoids from Hemp.

Cannabinoids such as CBD for Pets

Many cannabinoids and natural terpenoids (and some flavinoids) have therapeutic qualities which NATURALLY reduce inflammation and offer other health benefits. Many people have reported that their pets have less discomfort after taking hemp oil extract based products.


Pets can take CBD and Hemp Oil Extract products for better health