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Let’s Talk about Cannabis: SB711 (NC)

This year has been an interesting year so far. Cannabis stores such as the Carolina Hemp Hut have been seeing more customers return as the population feels more adventurous and safer to visit more retail destinations. People who have faced months of heightened anxiety have also had a moment to discover more of what CBD and Delta-8 THC can do to ease discomfort.

Current State legislation in NC bans the use of any product containing over 0.3% Delta-9 THC as a controlled substance. This is contrary to existing legislation which CO, CA, FL, VA and other States have in place. State Senators in NC have been undertaking the new bill SB 711 as an avenue for NC citizens to have access to legal forms of Delta-9 THC.  

Comparing Cannabis: Legal vs Illegal

Legal Cannabis in NC

Illegal Cannabis in NC

It’s a fact that consumers of Cannabis products which are considered to be Illegal in the State of North Carolina are often visitors in other States where these same cannabis products are legal. When is NC going to wake up and smell the CBD Coffee and allow for medical use to start in NC?

We would LOVE for you to get involved, even if it is only to share a post of Social Media or display a sticker on your car. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? Do you think that Cannabis should be respected as a valuable botanical product instead of being treated as a sinful indulgence?

Make a stand. The Team at the Carolina Hemp Hut stores appeciates your effort and desire to make NC healthier.

We want to Hear from You

No matter how vocal you can be, we need to hear from you. 

Carolina Hemp Hut is part of an effort to ensure that North Carolinians have access to more health options rather than fewer health options. We understand the enormous impact of botanical health products on our lives.

We have employees, customers, friends and others who trust cannabis to help foster a better life. 

It’s not about the High, it’s about Healing.

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