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Bulk Buy Deals

We offer tremendous savings to families, groups and others who wish to save more on their cannabinoid and natural item purchases. These are offered via our Bulk Buy deals.

With our Bulk Buys, your Bulk CBD, Bulk Delta 8 and other products are shipped to you in ‘smart packs’ of more units than the typical purchase. This allows for us to offer these products for substantially less than what you would expect from a regular priced or sale priced item from Carolina Hemp Hut.

Most Bulk Buy deals are sold in bundles of 12 or more items.

Discounts are typically already built in to these deals and there are not coupons or promo codes available for these items.

Additionally, for wholesale and enterprising people, we offer items from manufacturers that are shipped to us in bulk that are nearing their allowed shelf life. While the products are still in great shape, it’s not feasible for those products to be sold in retail. This means great deals are possible. We always provide the “best buy” date in the description on these so you are able to make an informed decision.