Hemp Flower

Without a doubt, people searching for “CBD Flower Shop Near me” or a similar search in their favorite search engine are finding Carolina Hemp Hut in North Carolina. When they find it, they discover that the Carolina Hemp Hut stocks the LARGEST selection of Industrial Hemp flower/bud in the State of NC, they take notice.

Whether you’re looking for Hemp Bud in Bulk or prepackaged hemp flower (CBD) Cigarettes, when it’s time to search for Hemp Cigarettes or Bud, don’t stress, just visit or call the fine folks at Carolina Hemp Hut (855-HEMP-OIL) for the latest strains/cultivars with the best options (bulk flower, pre-roll flower, Hemp cigarettes, or prepackaged flower) for you.

If you cannot find a particular strain or product on our website, please be sure to call us at 855-HEMP-OIL or visit one of our stores (such as the Flagship store at 137 Mayo Street, Hillsborough, NC 27278) to examine our HUGE Hemp selection.

Customers of Carolina Hemp Hut know that our stores stock far more CBD and Hemp products than any other store in the State. Our Strain list consistently reveals over 15 active cultivars in stock on a daily basis. Far more than what you’ll find at the typical local CBD shop or the corner vape and tobacco shop.

Do yourself a favor, visit or call Carolina Hemp Hut today to discover the best Hemp Flower near you today. We ship nationwide.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results