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Harvest Right 50-pack Mylar Bags for Freeze Drying


50-pack Mylar Bags for Freeze Drying. Available in Regular and Large sizes. Use these bags to store your freeze dried products for far longer than you can with other storage methods including freezing, canning, and dehydration.


50-pack Mylar Bags for Freeze Drying

These Mylar bags are food grade and rated for long term storage. The 7 mil thickness and Mylar material aid in preventing oxygen and water from penetrating the bag. Because oxygen and water are the two major components that cause food to spoil, packaging in a quality Mylar bag is essential for long term storage.

Choose from two very useful sizes.

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Mylar Bag Size

Regular – 8" x 12", Large – 10" x 14"


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