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Canna River Full Spectrum CBD Drops


$32.98$61.95 or from $29.68$55.76 every 2 months

Canna River Full Spectrum CBD drops harness the power of the entourage effect while remaining compliant (contains <.3% THC). These tinctures are naturally rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. They make them with premium ingredients like organic MCT oil and third-party tested CBD extract from USA-grown hemp. These drops are non-GMO, alcohol-free, vegan and sugar-free.

The size options and flavor options of the Canna River products is unparallelled in the Hemp Industry.


Canna River Full Spectrum CBD Drops/Tinctures are high strength CBD products. Every person responds to CBD differently. When choosing your potency), we suggest starting low and gradually increasing the strength and/or dosage until you reach the desired result and/or have a sense of how you respond to it.

What does Canna River CBD Taste like?

The Natural Flavor drops are hempy tasting and pleasant if you’re a fan of flavor free products.

We’ve discovered the wonderful taste of the Lemon Raspberry to be like a refreshing, homemade raspberry lemonade. This version is made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, organic MCT oil, natural terpenes, and food-grade flavor extracts.

How to use CBD Drops from Canna

One full dropper is approximately 16.66mg of CBD for a 1000mg strength bottle, 41.66 mg for a 2500 mg bottle and 83.33 mg for a 5000 mg bottle. Follow these simple steps for best results.

  1. Fill the dropper to your desired amount.
  2. Squeeze the dropper under your tongue.
  3. Let the liquid rest under your tongue for 30 seconds. We know it has a taste, but be patient! It’ll help you absorb its contents better.
  4. Consume the liquid. Yep, swallow. This part means you’re getting more absorption.

Disclaimer: Oil color may vary. Tinctures are not a vaping product. Do not vape tinctures. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Do not take if pregnant or nursing. Always check with a physician before consuming CBD products. Keep out of reach from children.

Canna River full Spectrum drops with THC provide 0.3% THC maximum in each bottle of high quality hemp oil extract.

Full Spectrum CBD Effects: Full Spectrum CBD is supported by studies and commonly known for potentially offering aid to pain relief, sleep, stress, hunger, mood and more. Full Spectrum CBD may cause a slight psychoactive effect, being that it contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Full Spectrum CBD ultimately offers more cannabinoids than Broad Spectrum CBD

The inclusion of THC is a key indicator of which would be better for your daily routine based on personal preference. This means that Canna River drops with full spectrum may be the natural tool to help improve your health.

Canna River Full Spectrum CBD are perfect for providing your body with the natural full spectrum cannabinoids you seek in addition to great options for flavor. Combine this with a spectacular price point and you’re bound to be pleased.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg, 6000mg


Natural, Peppermint, Lemon Raspberry, Mango Peach


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