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CBD Isolate Powder from Bona Vida


$10.95$21.95 or from $9.86$19.76 / month

CBD Isolate Powder from Bona Vida is available in 1 gram (1000mg) or 2 gram (2000mg) jars. These are lipid soluble powders and may be mixed or used in powder form for higher, more affordable dosing of CBD.


CBD Isolate Powder from Bona Vida is typically a more affordable approach to taking larger doses of CBD without upsetting a budget.

Even though the use of Cannabidiol to reduce the discomfort associated with inflammation and pain, it is still being testing in many ways through interventional and other clinical studies, the total impact of this remarkable Cannabinoid is still being researched. For example, CBD itself has been shown in numerous studies to reduce inflammation. Specifically HOW this is done is still not completely understood.

Many people appreciate the lower costs of isolated CBD as compared to Full Spectrum products. If you recall CBD 101 education, Full Spectrum products contain a host of minor and major cannabinoids in them. This means that the Major Phytocannabinoid of Cannabidiol is in Full Spectrum drops or edibles along with other phytocannabinoids. Some examples of these lesser cannabinoids (not lesser in importance, but in prevalence in the plant – some cannabinoids are only present in small, trace amounts as compared to CBD or THC) are CBG, Delta-8 THC, CBN and CBV.

The cost of an isolate CBD is often LESS than that of any full spectrum product.

CBD Isolate Powder from Bona Vida for Daily Dosing

Many people prefer to use CBD isolate for addressing the physical discomforts they have and avoid pharmaceutical products because of side effects and cost. With Cannabidiol Isolate Powder, you can combine the powder with a carrier oil that you prefer, for example, Olive Oil, and use the oil/CBD mixture on a daily basis as needed. Whether it’s used on Salad Dressing (since it has no taste itself) or stirred into Peanut Butter, CBD isolate powder is a flexible product for helping people obtain more options with their CBD at better prices.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

1 Gram, 2 Grams, 3 Grams


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