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Be Calm and Be Clear Metered dose CBD Inhalers are exceptionally designed to deliver a metered dose of high grade cannabinoids to boost your botanical health impact without the hassle. Each inhaler contains 1100mg of THC free broad spectrum cannabinoids. Be Calm is the natural botanical calming formula while the Be Clear delivers a valuable dose of clean cannabinoids.




CBD Luxe’s BE CALM and BE CLEAR – 1100mg Inhalers are designed to deliver a metered dose of high potency CBD quickly. Testing on Cannabinoids with various delivery methods (such as oral or inhaled) has shown great promise with the natural cannabinoids from the industrial hemp plant. It’s said that these inhalers are Simply the fastest acting, most efficacious CBD product on the market!

CBD Luxe offers great products that have been lab and third-party tested to ensure a safer delivery of high quality broad spectrum cannabinoids via a simple inhaler. No need worry over a vape pen and cartridge. A simple metered dose from the very effective CBD Luxe inhaler delivers

Carolina Hemp Hut carries two of their most popular products:

Be Clear: Nothing but 1100 mg Micell Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 200+ doses.

Be Calm: A calming blend of organic extracts. 1100 mg Micell Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with 200+ doses. Lavender, chamomile added for natural calming.

About the CBD Luxe Inhalers

  • The Micell CBD is 1100mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil that has undergone the Micellization process (Purzorb™).
  • Micellization process sonically shatters the full spectrum oil into 22nm (nano) size particulates and then reverses the polarity of the cells to draw water into them making it truly water soluble, not water “miscible”.
  • Like all Albuterol inhalers, there is a small amount of Ethanol in the formula which cleans the Alveoli heads allowing for maximum absorption.
  • The Nebulization of the formula allows for greater absorption at the Alveoli head.
  • Micell CBD is 10x as Bioavailable as a tincture with a 100% absorption rate – there is no loss in the liver or kidneys.
  • Absorption into the bloodstream is nearly instantaneous.
  • There are 5.5mg of Micell CBD FSHO in each actuation – 200 actuations per Inhaler.
  • Over 30,000 units sold with zero complaints or requests for a refund

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

Be Clear, Be Calm


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