CBD Patches for Discomfort


Ease discomfort with transdermal CBD Patches from Mile High Cure. Each pack includes two patches of 7cm x 10cm and 50mg CBD in total.

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Mile High Cure CBD continues to lead the industry in world class hemp products. Infused with Hemp extract, these CBD patches get straight to the point. Use this patch as needed in desired areas. Includes 2 patches and it is recommended to use for up to 8 hours. Please consult with your physician if you have any serious medical issues.

We’re not about to make medical claims about these products. We’re happy that many people enjoy the results from use of these. Lab studies are continuing to show more credence with the use of CBD products to help abate discomfort from pain and irritations. Transdermal application of CBD has also shown considerable promise. Including naturally occurring CBD and other cannabinoids in pain patches seems to be a promising step for people with discomfort.

Other Cannabinoid rich products such as topically applied muscle balms (somewhat similar to the old-fashioned and only partially effective  Ben Gay, Icy Hot, Real Time Pain Relief or other pain rubs but with wonderful CBD and other cannabinoids) have also been found to be useful when applied frequently.

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