CBG Fruit Snacks 600mg Total Cannabinoids

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Made with NANO water soluble CBD, these CBG fruit snacks pack 14mg CBG and 7mg CBD per piece! Vegan CBG fruit snacks are pectin based.

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These CBG Fruit Snacks 600mg Total Cannabinoids are loaded with 400mg of body-boosting botanical brilliance of CBG and 200mg of Water Soluble (Nano-enhanced) CBD. When coupled, these two are destined to help you take steps to better health and knock out discomfort.

According to Leafly:

CBG has been found to act on very specific physiological systems and problems, and results for medicinal use are promising:

  • Endocannabinoid receptors are prevalent in eye structures, and interestingly, CBG is thought to be particularly effective in treating glaucoma because it reduces intraocular pressure. It is a powerful vasodilator and has neuroprotective effects to boot.
  • In animal experiments involving mice, CBG was found to be effective in decreasing the inflammation characteristic of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • In a recent 2015 study, CBG was shown to protect neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease, which is characterized by nerve cell degeneration in the brain.
  • CBG is showing great promise as a cancer fighter. Specifically, CBG was shown to block receptors that cause cancer cell growth. In one such study, it was shown to inhibit the growth of colorectal cancer cells in mice, thereby slowing colon cancer growth. CBG inhibited tumors and chemically-induced colon carcinogenesis, therefore demonstrating a very exciting possibility for a cure for colorectal cancer.

We think that CBD alone is wonderful. Couple this with CBG in these amazing CBG Fruit Snacks and you’re destined for greatness (or at least taking better steps for health).

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