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Chakra D9/CBD Blend from One Source Botanicals

Chakra D9/CBD Blend is a Mixed Berry pectin-based Cannabinoid Coupled bottle of 30 gummies (thirty day supply). Each premium edible from One Source Botanicals has 12mg of total cannabinoids (Delta 9 Plus Cannabidiol).

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$42.95 or $38.66 / month

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One Source Botanicals Muscle Gel with D8 and CBD

One Source Botanicals Muscle Gel with D8 and CBD is a 3 oz. dispenser of High Strength Sports Formula soothing muscle gel. This is a 1800mg Full Spectrum Comfort Gel combined with the effectiveness of Delta 8 THC blended with additional botanicals.


Chakra D9/CBD Blend from One Source Botanicals presents the best of both worlds when it comes to saying goodbye to excessive discomfort. The Chakra special formula combines a proven blend of 8mg of hemp-derived (industrial hemp) Delta 9 THC (the one everyone talks about) with 4mg of hemp-derived Cannabidiol (CBD), the other one everyone talks about.

This wonderfully soothing blend is beneficial to those who seek a little more comfort in their lives.

Each pectin-based Mixed Berry gummy has a total composition of 12mg of total cannabinoids which are blended to maximize their overall soothing impact. If you’re looking to feel better without “checking out”, then consider this laboratory-tested combination from the team at One Source Botanicals.

We were able to secure 500 units of this great blend and we have sold it wonderfully well in our stores. It wasn not until an enterprising customer pointed out that it was missing on our website that we realized we needed to let everyhone know about this blend AND lower the price a bit to help others disocover it easier.

Right now, enjoy this cannabinoid couple from One Source Botanicals and say goodbye to many of life’s distractions and hello to more smiles.

We suggest one edible per day. You may take more, take it low and slow to match your own particular lifestyle or health concerns to find the optimum amount.

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Weight 8 oz
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