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Cherry Bomb Delta 9 Lozenges from Your 420HQ


$2.95 or $2.66 / month

Cherry Bomb Delta 9 Lozenges from Your 420 HQ are available in convenient ‘on the go’ two-packs. Each sweet cherry hard candy contains 10mg of highest quality hemp-derived Delta 9 THC combined with its sister cannabinoid, CBD. An excellent way to enjoy over 40mg of phytocannabinoids on a weekend adventure or a streaming session on the couch.

Sweet, not spicy. But beware, 10mg in each candy. Adults Only

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Cherry Bomb Delta 9 Lozenges from Your 420HQ are perfect for a weekend away, a night with a streaming binge, or simply making the day a little more agreeable. Each two pack contains a pair of hard candies (lozenges) designed for adults-only. These cherry-flavored slow chill lozenges are great for taking in phytocannabinoids sublingually for faster uptake.

Each contains 10mg of highest quality Hemp-Derived delta 9 THC with CBD (for a maximum impact).

These premium candies contain simple ingredients without a long list of crazy chemicals or additives. The sugar, glucose syrup, natural flavor and color, and the hemp extract all work together to make these amazingly tasty cherry drops spectacular.

We always recommend caution when trying any edibles for the first time. We also recommend that you do not drive or operate machinery while taking these lozenges.

These were initially released under the Chupa Chills product group with Your 420 Headquarters. When they reached bestseller status, these fun packs (as they are called in the cannabis crew at Your 420 Headquarters) were updated from 10 packs to these handy two-packs for people on the go.

Cherry Bomb Delta 9 Lozenges from Your 420HQ are a wonderful fit for those on the move.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

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