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Delta 8 THC Infused Honey Sticks


$12.95 or $11.66 / month

Delta 8 THC Infused Honey Sticks in 5 Packs from Funni. Four Different flavors are available: Sour Apple, Cinnamon Bun, Blue Raspberry (Blue Razz, yeah!), and Zkittles


Delta 8 THC Infused Honey Sticks are 40mg per stick of Delta relaxation. The four flavors are popular for straight up Honey from the stick or squeezing the tasty sweetness across your favorite food or in a drink (very popular addition to tea to both sweeten it and give it a kick).

Other honey sticks come in 10mg or 25mg – these pack 40mg for one or more solid slurps of honey with D8 for that relaxation you are looking to achieve. Snip off the tip and squeeze away. Place the tasty honey treat directly onto food or into a beverage of your choice. Or, stick with the standby method and enjoy it directly by squeezing into your mouth. Be aware though, first timers may be caught by surprise at how relaxing the D8 can be. We don’t recommend driving while enjoying (or for quite a while after) these honey sticks.


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Cinnamon Bun, Blue Raspberry, Zkittles, Sour Apple


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