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Delta Beverages Delta 9 Soda with Passion Fruit


$7.95 or $7.16 / month

Delta Beverages Delta 9 Soda: Maui Wowie 12 Fluid Oz (like a regular soda, but with no sugar and low fizz). Passion Fruit and terpenese make this a pleasure any day.

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Delta Beverages Delta 9 Soda is Delta 9 Cannabis Water. You will appreciate the Live Resin and 15 min onset time as this really sets it apart from others in the beverage market space.

This beverage is similar to the same brand’s D8 seltzer. We’ve noted that this D9 water is far less carbonated and packs a stronger punch with a headier more euphoric high.

Drink your chill with Delta Cannabis Water’s Live Resin 20mg Dee9 + 5mg CBD formulation. Enhanced with the infamous Maui Wowie strain terpenes, this beverage will leave you uplifted with a creative mental boost.

  • 20mg Delta9 with 5mg CBD
  • Infused with Live Resin Terpenes and Passion Fruit
  • Authentic Taste
  • Effects: Elating |Stimulating | Heavy Buzz

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