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Double Ds: Delta 8/10 Combo Edibles


$2.95 or $2.66 / month

Double Ds: Delta 8/10 Combo Edibles are Tropical Breeze flavored (think “Mango Mai Tai”) with a custom blend of 22mg Delta 10 and 28mg of Delta 8. Each Two Pack of gummies contains 100mg of cannabinoids within tasty edibles for adults. This is a frequent BEST SELLER in our stores.

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Double Ds: Delta 8/10 Combo Edibles from Your 420 Headquarters are the sublime answer to those who are looking for the uplifting qualities of Delta 10 followed by a smooth relaxation breakthrough from Delta 8. Each two pack contains two 50mg Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC edibles (Tropical Breeze flavor – out of this world tropical taste).

Go ahead, take a vacation and bring your Double Ds with you. If you can’t spring for a vacation right now then make your own with a pack of Double Ds.

We often recommend more than one pack, especially after you give these a try. While each tropical taste sensation will make you want more, we suggest starting with only a 1/2 or even less of a gummy. When you have your own body’s response “dialed in” then you know more of the best dosing for yourself.

Most people appreciate the combination of benefits with these two fantastic cannabinoids. If you’ve never tried Delta 8 or Delta 10 before, then we still recommend starting with a small portion of a single gummy. This Dynamic Duo is the best Double D for you!


Adults use only.


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