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Equilibrium Ultra Edibles from One Source Botanicals

Life Leveler Ultra Edibles from One Source Botanicals in the 1500mg 30 count pack are the perfect start to a phytocannabinoid-based regimen that is bound to boost your day and enlighted your spirit. Each mixed berry gummy is 50mg of highest quality phytocannabinoids.

$42.95 or $38.66 / month


Equilibrium Ultra Edibles from One Source Botanicals are the one-stop phytocannabinoid edibles for people who appreciate feeling in control while saying goodbye to the discomfort from anxiety and pain. This therapeutic-quality edibles is a mixed berry gummy with a total of more than 1500mgs of healing phytocannabinoids per 30 count bottle.

The original formula for this therapeutic blend of phytocannabinoids is Mother Nature’s recipe. The blend comes from the liquid obtained through crystal filtration. In crystallization, a solid (usually impure) is dissolved in a solvent at high temperature, taking advantage of the fact that most solids are more soluble at higher temperatures. As the solution cools, the solubility of the solute in the solvent will gradually become smaller. The resulting solution is used in the preparation of the gummies.

This process leaves the gummies with a naturally balanced (you could say, “equilibrium”) grouping of essential phytocannabinoids provided by botanical processes. Clean ingredients accompany this phytocannabinoid blend to provide a great carrier of both taste and healing compounds.

You are bound to experience results better than you would expect from any edible in the market.

When in product testing, the manufacturer discovered that this combination of phytocananbinoids worked across a broad range of people testing the product. Experiences and comments such as “Uplifting”, “Magically healing”, and “Perfect for pain” were provided. The team at the Carolina Hemp Hut had to try these out and we parallel those comments. These not only taste great, but they give any therapuetic quality edible a HUGE run for their money.

We invite anyone looking for a new experience with healing hemp to give these gummies a try. Their unique combination of phytocannaninoids means you’re not likely to match these great gummies with anyone else’s edibles. They are simply unique and well worth it investigating.

We invite you to also investigate the other wonderful One Source Botanicals healing formulas in edible form: Equilibrium Ultra, Equilibrium Calm, Equilibrium Joy, and Equilibrium Boost.


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