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Get Stoned THCa Disposables


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Get Stoned Cannabis Company THCa Disposables are available in 3 gram disposables each featuring 3000mg of Concentrate.

Strains available:

  • Thor’s Hammer – Sativa
  • Hawaiian Haze – Sativa
  • Purple Urkle – Indica
  • Rainbow Runtz – Hybrid
  • Blue Dream – Hybrid
  • White Rhino – Indica
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Experience the Pinnacle of Purity with Get Stoned THCA 3-Gram Disposables

Elevate your vaping journey with Get Stoned THCa Disposables in the 3g format, the epitome of purity and potency in every puff. Designed for the discerning enthusiast, these disposables blend the unparalleled clarity of Delta 9 Live Resin with the pristine potency of THCA, delivering an unmatched vaping experience, especially with a 3 gram THCA disposable vape.

Key Features of the THCA Vapes from Get Stoned and Carolina Hemp Hut

  • Strain Diversity: Choose from 5 unique strains, each with its distinct flavor and effect profile, catering to your personal preference and mood.
  • Exceptional Quality: Featuring Delta 9 Live Resin + THCA for a super potent experience, our disposables are a testament to the art of fine cannabis craftsmanship.
  • Premium Hardware: Engineered for reliability and smoothness, our quality hardware ensures each session is consistent and enjoyable.
  • Rich Terpene Profiles: Immerse yourself in the smooth terpenes that define each puff, offering 3 grams of high-quality THCA and a symphony of flavors.

Why Choose Get Stoned THCA Disposables?

Get Stoned’s PURE THC-A 3-gram Disposables stand at the forefront of cannabis innovation, offering a pure, potent, and pleasurable vaping experience. Ideal for those who appreciate the essence of cannabis without the psychoactive effects of Delta 9 THC, these disposables are your gateway to the nuanced pleasures of high-quality THCA.

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Behind every Get Stoned disposable lies a commitment to excellence. From the selection of premium THCA extracts to the meticulous crafting of each device, Get Stoned is synonymous with quality. Enjoy a vaping experience that’s not just about enjoyment but a celebration of the cannabis plant’s natural properties.

Find Your Perfect Strain for your Highest Experience

Whether you’re in search of relaxation or upliftment, our range of strains ensures a tailored vaping journey. Each PURE THC-A disposable is a unique exploration of cannabis’s rich terpene landscapes, designed to satisfy the connoisseur within.

Where to Purchase these THCA Vapes

Dive into the world of premium THCA vaping with Carolina Hemp Hut, your trusted source for the finest cannabis products. We’re a leading Carolina Hemp Hut cannabis dispensary. Get Stoned’s THCA 3-Gram Disposables offer ultimate convenience and discretion in your THCA disposable vape experience. Enjoy hassle-free shopping, special deals for premium members when you step into a realm of refined cannabis enjoyment.

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Elevate your vaping with Get Stoned’s THCA disposables, available at Carolina Hemp Hut. Experience the difference of high-quality THCA and exceptional terpene profiles today.

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Speaking from the point of a view of a budtender at the Carolina Hemp Hut, we know these are great pens. We seldom have customers with any issues due to not hitting properly. The terpenes are refreshing and the THCA does its job VERY WELL in the potency department. Choose these if you want high performance with great terps and a very good price point. If you take care of these THCA vape pens well (don’t leave them in your pocket in the laundry, for example), they will keep you happily where you want to be.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in

Thor's Hammer – Sativa, Hawaiian Haze – Sativa, Purple Urkle – Indica, Rainbow Runtz – Hybrid, Blue Dream – Hybrid, White Rhino – Indica


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