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Grizzly Gummies Delta 8 THC: Tropical THC



Grizzly Gummies Delta 8 THC in Tropical (pineapple) 50mg gummies with 6 gummies per store pack. These are sold in 100 pack boxes. From the quality producers at Casablanca Hemp in North Carolina. Pick up a box and share among your stores, friends, co-workers, etc. If your local stores don’t carry high quality THC, tell them about this deal now.


Grizzly Gummies Delta 8 THC are a sure fire way to enjoy the afternoon, evening, morning or whatever time of day. Nicely calming Delta 8 THC infused within the tasty tropical vegan gummy morsels delivers the relaxation expected.

At this price point, you can offer 300mg packs of edibles for very little investment (right now, 100 units is the minimum order – one box – this gives the possibility of making a very high return in your shop or from offering this product to friends. We always advise our customers to provide adequate education to their customers and NOT ever sell these products to minors or people who cannot risk failing a drug test.

These beautifully packaged gummies are perfect for Convenience stores, Vape/Tobacco shops, and other stores where gummies/edibles in the stronger range (above 20mg found in many hemp stores) are more popular. We still recommend that all consumers exercise caution when enjoying stronger THC products.


Additional information

Weight 200 oz
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 20 in

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