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Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts


Experience the potent relaxation of Delta 11 THC with Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts. These vape cartridges offer a social and enjoyable experience, replicating the effects of edibles without the sluggishness. Available in Zkittlez, Trainwreck, Purple Haze, Blue Dream, and Sour Diesel strains. Each cart comes with 510 threaded base for use with most batteries.


Elevate Your Vaping Experience with Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts

Indulge in the world of Delta 11 THC with our Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts. These cartridges are meticulously crafted to provide you with a potent and enjoyable vaping experience, offering the perfect alternative to edibles.

The Power of 11-Hydroxy-THC

You may be familiar with the effects of 11-hydroxy-THC, as it’s the way your body processes edibles. When you consume a Delta 8 or Delta 9 edible, it takes time to pass through your digestive system, leading to a delayed onset of effects. However, during this process, Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC is converted into 11-hydroxy-THC.

Why Hydroxy THC 11?

Hydroxy THC 11 aims to replicate the experience of 11-hydroxy-THC naturally without the need for ingestion. While vaping typically provides only about 5% THC absorption, edibles can offer up to 25% absorption. This higher absorption rate is why edibles are often more potent.

Delta 11 Experience

Delta 11 THC offers a relaxing sensation akin to Delta 9 THC but with a more social effect. The potency of Delta 11 THC stems from its high absorption rate, making it perfect for those who want a potent experience without the couch-lock effect.

Strain Variety

We offer Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts in various strains, each with its unique characteristics:

  1. Hydroxy 11 Zkittlez: An Indica strain type known for its potency and delightful taste. Users often report a warm, relaxed body high, increased appetite, and better sleep.
  2. Hydroxy 11 Trainwreck: True to its sativa dominance, Trainwreck delivers a stimulating and energizing experience. Users often report feeling euphoric, creative, and focused, with a surge of energy that can be mentally and physically stimulating. It’s known for its ability to enhance social interactions and promote conversation.
  3. Hydroxy 11 Sour Diesel: A Sativa strain type delivering an optimized mood for day-to-day activities, talkativeness, a light and airy head high, and an energetic, creative feeling.
  4. Hydroxy 11 Purple Haze: A Sativa strain which delivers a stimulating and uplifting experience. Users often report feeling energized, focused, and creative, with a sense of euphoria that enhances mood and promotes relaxation. It’s known for its ability to spark conversations and enhance social interactions.
  5. Hydroxy 11 Blue Dream: This Hybrid strain  provides a balanced experience that combines uplifting and relaxing effects. Users often report feeling energized, focused, and creative, while simultaneously experiencing a sense of calm and relaxation. It’s known for its ability to enhance mood, promote conversation, and reduce stress without inducing drowsiness.

Quality Assurance

At Carolina Hemp Hut, your safety and satisfaction are paramount. Our Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), ensuring their quality and purity. We never compromise on safety, and our products are free from harmful additives like VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agents.

Unlock the Potential of Delta 11 THC

In summary, Hydroxy THC 11 One Gram Vape Carts offer a delightful and social Delta 11 THC experience. Whether you’re into the relaxing effects of Indica, the balanced effects of Hybrid, or the creativity-inducing effects of Sativa, we have a strain for you. Unlock the potential of Delta 11 THC and elevate your vaping experience with Hydroxy THC 11.

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Zkittlez (Indica), Trainwreck (Sativa), Purple Haze (Sativa), Sour Diesel (Sativa), Blue Dream (Hybrid)


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