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The Lords of Cannabis Board Game



Become the ultimate ruler in ‘The Lords of Cannabis Board Game,’ a strategy game for 2-6 players. Build, trade, and conquer your way to dominance with this engaging and competitive board game. Perfect for game nights!

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Dive into a realm where strategy and cunning flourish with “The Lords of Cannabis Board Game,” a captivating journey of reaping, corruption, and conquest. This game invites players to navigate a world where building, trading, and stealthy maneuvers lead to supreme power over the cannabis empire. Suitable for 2-6 players, it promises hours of engaging and thought-provoking entertainment, making it a perfect addition to game nights, gatherings, or simply as a fun way to challenge your strategic skills.

The game is richly equipped with 125 Stash Cards, 38 Crop Cards, and an array of game pieces including 6 Building Tiles per color, 6 Over-sized Reference Cards, 2 Reward Cards, 1 Sheriff Badge, 24 Numbered Chips, and 14 Tunnels per color, all set on a beautifully designed 17″ x 17″ game board. Each component is crafted to immerse players in the thematic depth and competitive spirit of the game.

Strategize your way through various challenges, employ tactical trades, and cunningly use your resources to expand your cannabis empire. Beware of opponents’ moves, as they too vie for the title of the true Lord of Cannabis. Navigate the fine line between cooperation and competition, corruption, and honor in your quest for domination.

Please note, “The Lords of Cannabis Board Game” is designed purely for entertainment purposes and does not endorse the use of marijuana. It’s a fictional strategy game that encourages imagination, strategic thinking, and social interaction among players.

Updated Lords of Cannabis Rules of Play

Dive into the intriguing world of “The Lords of Cannabis,” a strategy game that echoes the familiar mechanics of Settlers of Catan with a unique twist. In this game, players vie for dominance over territories to become the ultimate lord of the cannabis empire. Here’s a clarified set of rules to enhance your gameplay, addressing gaps and incorporating player feedback for a comprehensive experience.

Starting the Game:

  • Each player begins with two settlements and roads, placed at the junctions and edges of randomly assigned territories.

Rolling the Dice:

  • When a player rolls a “7,” the Sheriff (acting like the Bishop in this variation) is moved to any territory. Instead of targeting a single player, the Sheriff affects everyone in the chosen territory, compelling them to discard cards to the bank if their hand size exceeds seven.
  • “Discarded” cards are selected by the affected players, not randomly.

Special Cards and Bonuses:

  • Gangsta Card (Knight): Can be used to move the Sheriff to another territory, targeting a single player for random robbery.
  • Largest Army: Grants immunity to the Sheriff’s effects and awards additional victory points, as outlined on the building costs cards.
  • Double Territory: Produces a random resource instead of gold when doubles are rolled on the dice. Resources collected by the Sheriff from penalties are pooled for random draws.
  • Longest Road: The holder can trade any four mixed cards with the bank for a needed resource.

Development Cards Enhancements for Lords of Cannabis Board Game:

Development cards in “The Lords of Cannabis” are designed to be more impactful, with abilities that can significantly alter the state of play:
    • Demolish a settlement or downgrade an opponent’s city.
    • “Year of Plenty” now yields five resources—one of each type—providing substantial economic boost.
    • “Free Settlement or City Upgrade”: Functions as a reusable victory point card, offering lasting benefits.

Victory Conditions:

  • Players must accumulate victory points through settlements, cities, special cards, and bonuses. The first player to reach the predefined victory point threshold wins, claiming the title of the ultimate Lord of Cannabis.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure all players agree on the interpretation of these modified rules before starting the game.
  • Adapt and modify these rules as needed to suit your group’s preferences for a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.

This set of rules aims to fill in the gaps left by the original game instructions, drawing inspiration from classic board game mechanics while tailoring the experience to fit the thematic elements of “The Lords of Cannabis.” Enjoy navigating the intricacies of trade, development, and strategy as you rise to cannabis supremacy.

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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in

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