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Great Natural Boosters from Ripple+ Vapes


Say goodbye to the Hand-To-Mouth bad habits of Cigarette smoking with nicotine and lots of teeth-staining tar. Say “Hello!” to the rich natural essences in these soothing and reviving vape sticks from Ripple+.

Available in 6 amazing botanical blends – each formulated to boost your health Naturally!

Choose from:

  • Power
  • Boost
  • Relax
  • Dream
  • Focus
  • Revive

400+ Puffs in one great aromatherapy vape!


Ripple Vapes = Ripple Aromatherapy.

Every intelligent person knows already that smoking is harmful to your health. Nicotine is addictive and offers no significant health benefits. 

Aromatherapy is a proven method to boost moods and mindfulness while assisting with health improvements.

Ripple Vapes are an innovative delivery tool for health-boosting aromatherapy formulas.

If you’re stuck in the “hand-to-mouth” smoking habit, consider switching to a more healthful vape product: Ripple+.

Ripple Power

peppermint aroma

The Ripple Power blend delivers the functional plant extracts of ginseng root and the ginkgo biloba tree for a natural energy lift. It’s combined with cool peppermint aroma for a clean, crisp flavor that’s designed to revitalize and refresh.    

Ripple Boost

lychee aroma

The Ripple Boost formula combines the functional plant extracts of green tea and maca for a natural pop of vim. Blended with a lychee aroma it’s a pure and organic way to give yourself a boost.

Ripple Relax

jasmine aroma

Blending the natural, functional plant extracts of the chamomile flower and soothing lemon balm the Ripple Relax allows you to unwind naturally and instinctively. Finished with jasmine aroma it’s devised to chill you out.

Ripple Focus

mango aroma

Ripple FOCUS combines the functional extracts of brain-boosting bacopa + fatigue fighting guarana and is topped off with a mouth-watering mango aroma for a delicious fruity taste. The tropical blend is designed to uplift your mood and transport your senses to sunnier places. 

Ripple Dream

lavender aroma

Balancing the natural plant extracts of jujube seed and valerian flower our Dream diffuser is designed to calm, ease and lighten. It’s combined with tranquil lavender aroma for a peaceful blend that naturally allows you to slow down.

Ripple Revive

lemon aroma

The Ripple Revive formula combines the functional plant extracts of ashwagandha and rhodiola for a refreshing summer hit. Blended with a zingy lemon aroma, it’s the perfect flavour to revive you on a sunny summer day!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in

Boost, Power, Revive, Dream, Relax, Focus


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