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One Source Botanicals Delta DeLite Gummies

$18.95 or $17.06 / month

One Source Botanicals Delta DeLite Gummies come in a 30 day supply (30 count). Each gummy is 10mg in strength. Amazing Mixed Berry taste in a pectin-based edible/Gummy. Perfect for Microdosing THC in a THC Gummy.

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One Source Botanicals Delta DeLite Gummies are popular for people who appreciate the impact of Delta 8 gummies while being able function normally. This is a mixed berry microdose gummy with only 10mg of Delta 8.

Do you want to take the edge off just a bit? Half of a gummy is 5mg. Be sure to give it at least 2 hours to know how your body responds. When you know, then a 10mg full gummy may just be the magic that you need.

Large doses of Delta 8 THC can impair your function. This is why we recommend that our customers refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery when enjoying Delta 8 Gummies.

One Source Botanicals is one of the few companies we’ve discovered that actually helps people with an option for specific micro-dosing of cannabinoids. For most people, Delta 8 is relaxing. With doses of 25mg and above, it can feel euphoric and intoxicating. However, many people prefer to relax without the “high”.

This is why people turn to microdosing gummies with THC. These are intended for relaxation or easing your day without introducing a strong intoxicating feel. Another great product for Microdosing THC is Your 420 HQ’s great orange creamsicle drops.

The Pectin based gummies from One Source Botancials provide exceptional taste with the ease of dose qualities of these great edibles. When your goal is not “in da couch”, consider One Source Botanicals microdose gummies.

Want to enjoy Delta 9 Syrup?

Microdosing with syrup is also a possibility. If you are seeking something other than a gummy, you may wish to microdose Delta 9 (in four fab flavors).

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 3 in

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