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Pinky Puff THCA Pre-Rolls


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At Your 420 HQ, they’ve created the perfect pre-roll for cannabis lovers everywhere with Pinky Puff Pre-Rolls. With three distinct variations to choose from, these pre-rolls offer a myriad of beneficial cannabinoids that provide a long-lasting and enjoyable experience. Each 64mm preroll has a folded filter and is packed within a Rozy pink (or Blazy Susan) preroll cone. Three variations are available to tickle your fancy.

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There’s something about a well-crafted pre-roll that makes the experience more enjoyable. Add THCA hemp flower to this pre-roll and the party begins. That’s what Pinky Puff THCA pre-rolls provide to the cannabis connoisseur.

At Your 420 HQ, they’ve created the perfect pre-roll for cannabis lovers everywhere with Pinky Puff Pre-Rolls. With three distinct variations to choose from, these pre-rolls offer a myriad of beneficial cannabinoids that provide a long-lasting and enjoyable experience.

Three Variations of Pinky Puff THCA Pre-Rolls

First up is the Power variation. This potent 2:1 blend features THCA Hemp Flower Chem de La Chem (providing a 32% THC percentage) with The White CBG flower. The cerebral impact of this blend offers a pleasant focus feel, making it perfect for a creative or productive day.

Next is the Passion variation. This 3:2:1 blend takes the benefits of THCA while coupling with the OG Kush flower, Forbidden V hemp flower (with high THCV for possible appetite suppression), and Wedding Cake CBD-rich Hemp flower. The result? An amazing distribution of beneficial cannabinoids that provides an anxiety-relieving and calming experience with a pleasant mood uplift. Perfect for date night.

Finally, we offer the Pleasure variation. Our ever popular 2:1:1 blend features Chem De La Chem in the lead role with a powerful 32% THCA score. The OG Kush and Blue Dream terpene-rich hemp flowers are added to provide a balanced and enjoyable experience that will leave you with an easy smile.

No matter which variation you choose, Pinky Puff Pre-Rolls provide a high-quality and satisfying experience. Enjoy the smoothness and complexity that only a pre-roll crafted by Your 420 HQ can provide.

Migration to Blazy Susan

We were notified by the Your 420 HQ team that they are migrating to 1 1/2 sized Blazy Susan pink prerolls instead of Rozy pink over the next several weeks. We’re already getting shipments of the new Pleasure pre-rolls.

Blazy Susan pink prerolls offer several potential benefits, though it’s important to note that individual preferences and priorities will determine their relative importance. Here’s a breakdown:

Blazy Susan Aesthetics and Brand Image:

  • Distinctive color: The pink cones stand out from the traditional white or brown, offering a unique and eye-catching look. This can appeal to consumers who value style and personal expression.
  • Brand recognition: Blazy Susan has a growing reputation for quality and design, with the pink cones becoming a recognizable symbol of the brand. This association can attract existing fans and curious newcomers.

Quality and Convenience:

  • Pre-rolled convenience: Saves time and effort compared to rolling your own cones.
  • High-quality paper: Blazy Susan claims to use organic, non-GMO, and chlorine-free paper, potentially resulting in a smoother and potentially less harsh smoking experience for some users.
  • Slow-burning paper: Some users report that the pink cones burn slowly and evenly, allowing for longer enjoyment.

Sustainability and Ethics:

  • Vegan & GMO-free: Appeals to consumers who prioritize plant-based and non-genetically modified products.
  • Social responsibility: Blazy Susan claims to support various social causes, which might resonate with ethically conscious consumers.

However, some potential drawbacks also exist:

  • Limited availability: Pink cones might not be readily available in all locations or online retailers.
  • Higher price: Compared to generic cones, Blazy Susan pink prerolls may be slightly more expensive.
  • Branding over function: Some users might prioritize purely functional aspects like paper quality and burn rate over aesthetics or brand image.

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Power: Chem de la Chem (32%) THCA and The White CBG, Passion: OG Kush THCA, Forbidden V THCV, and Wedding Cake CBD flower, Pleasure: Chem de la Chem THCA, OG Kush THCA, and Blue Dream CBD


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