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Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes

Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes are wonderful smokable hemp “hempettes” made only with US grown organic Industrial Hemp. These contain zero tobacco products and no nicotine. Available in MULTIPLE options: Pure Original, Pure Ice (Menthol), Pure Silver (like Original, but with flavor boosting), Pure Premium, Pure CBG, Pure Sol, and Pure Ice Premium.

Each carton of hemp smokes from PureH emp contains 10 packs of 20 (total smokes per pack).

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With Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes, in your choice of Menthol (Ice) or regular, you’re bound to enjoy a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. These hempettes (or hemp sticks or hemp cigarettes) are made with a high quality a hemp blend that contains 10-15mg of CBD per stick. These hemp sticks contain less than 0.3% THC and come with 20 sticks per pack. The Premium sticks are even HIGHER in CBD content with a wealth of other useful phytocannabinboids.

Since many people are discovering the benefits of naturally-occurring CBD and CBDa, those who prefer to smoke are switching to Hemp as a less harmful alternative than traditional tobacco products.

It’s still a good idea to not pull smoke into your lungs according to medical professionals, however many are choosing hemp due to its more apparent health impact rather than the more harmful tobacco.

Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes: Better Smokes than Tobacco.

The Team at Carolina Hemp Hut has evaluated many brands of Hemp Cigarettes and only a few have passed the muster and are available in our regular stores and our website (here). We hope you enjoy the taste and impact of the respectable naturally-occurring cannabinoids available from these Pure Hemp smokes.

These products are made with organic USA grown hemp. They do not contain tobacco or nicotine.

Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes Review

Carolina Hemp Hut has offered these cigarettes in our stores since before COVID-19 began its journey across the globe. We introduced the popular and budget-oriented Pure Hemp regular smokes and their accompanying Menthol smokes first. As the popularity increased, more customers began demanding them over the run-of-the-mill tobacco smokes. Now, Pure Hemp is the #1 hempette (CBD smokes) in our stores.

Most customers appreciate the easy pull and smooth flavor profile. Natural terpenes from the cannabis plant exist in the hemp flower used in these great cigarettes. This means you get the enjoyment of a traditional smoke coupled with the flavor afforded with high-quality hemp flower.

Several strength/flavor combinations from which you may choose your next great smoke!

Extremely satisfying smoke with a boost from natural CBD/CBDa to help you ease through the day and into the evening.

If you’re looking to sit back, chill and review your day, do it with Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes.

Are Pure Hemp Smokes Bad for you?

In all honesty, smoking itself caused more problems for your lungs than anyone needs. However, when given the choice of Tobacco based smokes vs Hemp based smokes such as these from Pure Hemp, the decision is easier: Go with the product that has been shown to HELP people more than the other. In this case it’s a clear choice: Pure Hemp CBD Cigarettes.

Do Pure Hemp Cigarettes have THC?

Pretty much all CBD products derived from full spectrum flower such as Pure Hemp smokes will have at least a trace amount of THC. In Pure Hemp sticks, the lab analysis shows each to be less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC by DWT. This means you still get your relaxing smoke without the bigger worries of popping on a drug test. For the most part, if you are worried about passing a urinalysis test for weed, we recommend that you refrain from enjoying Pure Hemp smokes leading up to your testing.

Searching for Pure CBD Cigarettes near me?

Do not worry. We can ship your premium Pure Hemp Smokes directly to you within a couple of days within the mainland USA. You do not have to drive around town looking for quality smokes like these. Also, we can ship a carton or a pack or more to you easily every month with a bigger discount using our simple Subscribe and Save plan. It is super easy to set up, just pick your product, add it to the cart, and set your frequency of shipment. Your savings is automatically calculated and you save with every shipment.

Carolina Hemp Hut is the best source for Pure CBD Cigarettes

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in

Pure Original (15mg CBD), Pure Ice (Menthol, 15mg CBD), Pure Silver (flavorful 15mg CBD), Pure Premium (50mg CBD), Pure CBG (75mg CBG), Pure Sol (50mg CBD), Pure Ice Premium (Menthol, 50mg CBD), Pure Hybrid (75mg CBD)