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Stinger Wax/Dab Vaporizer Starter Kit

Stinger Wax/Dab Vaporizer Starter Kit with extended life battery, dabber tool and atomizer. These kits are the perfect entry into portable and efficient dabbing pleasure pretty much anywhere you go!

$65.96 or $59.36 / month


We love the Stinger Wax/Dab Vaporizer Starter Kit from the team at Honey Stick. These wonderful cannabis wax/dab tools help with smoother and tastier dosing of CBD, Delta-8 or other cannabis concentrates.

Your favorite Shatter, Crumble, Dabs or similar are going to love your new Chiller B (Stinger) from Honey Stick. Easy to load, easy to use and easy to clean. You will wonder why you did not have one of these handy tools before!

The Stinger is the best dab pen for users who are looking for a rich and flavorful vapor experience. With variable wattage and fully ceramic wax atomizer, you can say Goodbye to burned or metallic taste in vaping concentrates. Stinger delivers intensity and taste of purity of flavor that you normally only find with tabletop or traditional rigs.

To fill it with your concentrate:
Open tank top by carefully pulling upward on the top (a wiggle may be needed). This will expose the ceramic atomizer bowl. (This is a donut style heater.)
Place a small amount of Dab concentrate and place in the ceramic heater bowl (do not overpack it!) and slip the top into place. The Stinger is ready to hit.
We often recommend not using this unit over 12 watts for lengthy periods. You’ll run the risk of burning it out or shortening the life of it.

Each Stinger (Chiller B) kit has the following features:

– Size: L 1)32.5mm D 19.5mm
– Atomizer Resistance: 0.8 ohm
– Fit for: Wax Oil / Thick Oil
– Heating Element: 100% Ceramic
– Tread Standard: 510 thread
– Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
– Charging time: 2-4 hours (0.5 Amp/1 Amp)
Battery output:
– 10 Watt (red light),
– 15 Watt (blue light),
– 20 Watt (white light)

1 x 1100 mAh Battery, 1 x Ceramic Atomizer, 1 x Dabber Tool, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x User Manual.:

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in


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