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Stoned Brand Blue Lotus Gummies


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Experience unique relaxation with Stoned’s Blue Lotus 10,000mg Gummies. A blend of Blue Lotus, White Lotus, and Hemp for wellness exploration.

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Embark on a Wellness Journey: Blue Lotus 10,000mg Gummies

Carolina Hemp Hut introduces Stoned Mushrooms Brand’s Blue Lotus 10,000mg Gummies, a new path to wellness exploration. Each gummy is infused with 500mg of Blue Lotus, 200mg of White Lotus, and 300mg of Hemp Extract, offering a distinctive and potent experience.

Uncover the Power of Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus has been revered for centuries for its potential wellness benefits. Combined with the calming properties of White Lotus and Hemp Extract, these gummies provide a unique way to relax and rejuvenate.

Each bag contains 10 pieces, totaling 10,000mg, and is flavored with delicious Blue Raspberry. Start with a small dose to experience the full benefits of this extraordinary blend.

As with all wellness products, consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if it’s your first time trying such products.

Key Facts

  • Product Type: Blue Lotus Gummies
  • Product Flavor: Blue Raspberry
  • Product Quantity: 10pc Bag
  • Primary Active Ingredient(s): Blue Lotus + White Lotus + Hemp Extract
  • Contents Per Piece: 1,000mg
  • Contents Per Bag: 10,000mg

A Little More about Blue and White Lotus

Blue and white lotus are two different plants with distinct appearances and uses, often referred to by their shared genus name Nymphaea. Let’s break down each one:

1. Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea):

  • Appearance: Stunning sky-blue flowers with star-shaped petals, blooming during the day and closing at night.
  • History: Widely revered in ancient Egypt for its spiritual and psychoactive properties. Often depicted in art and used in religious ceremonies.
  • Modern Uses:
    • Psychoactive: Contains nuciferine and apomorphine, alkaloids with potential mild sedative, euphoric, and aphrodisiac effects. However, research is limited and recreational use can be risky.
    • Aromatherapy: The essential oil has a sweet floral fragrance used in relaxation and meditation.
    • Tea: Blue lotus petals can be steeped in hot water for a calming beverage.

2. White Lotus (Nymphaea lotus):

  • Appearance: Large, fragrant white flowers with numerous broad petals, blooming during the day and night.
  • History: Revered in various cultures throughout Asia for its symbolic purity and beauty. Associated with spiritual enlightenment and good luck.
  • Modern Uses:
    • Food: The tubers and young leaves are edible and used in various Asian cuisines.
    • Traditional medicine: Used in some cultures for treating anxiety, sleep problems, and digestive issues. However, scientific evidence is limited.
    • Ornamental: Grown in ponds and water gardens for its aesthetic beauty.

Important Note: Both blue and white lotus can be toxic if ingested in large quantities, especially the seeds and roots. Consult a healthcare professional before consuming any part of these plants, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking medications.

Ultimately, the benefits of blue and white lotus depend on your intended use. However, it’s key to approach them with caution and awareness of potential risks, particularly for psychoactive uses.

Now for the lighter side of the Blue Lotus

Hey there, my young scholars, Richard here from the Carolina Hemp Hut! Let’s dive into the world of Blue Lotus Gummies and have some fun while we learn!

So, Blue Lotus is like the Beyoncé of flowers – it’s been famous for ages, especially back in ancient Egypt. People loved it not just for its pretty blue petals, but also because it helped them chill out and feel peaceful.

Even though it’s technically a water lily, it’s been called the “blue lotus” because it’s fancy and important. It’s like the flower version of a celebrity.

Blue Lotus has good stuff in it called flavonoids and phytosterols. These are like the bodyguards that help keep your body healthy and happy. The flower is also full of antioxidants, which are like little warriors fighting against things that stress your body out.

Now, let’s chat about our Blue Lotus Gummies. These little guys are like a dose of happiness in a chewable form. Pop one in your mouth and you might feel less stressed, more relaxed, and even sleep better. It’s like a mini vacation in a gummy!

Some people say Blue Lotus is like a natural cupid – it might put you in the mood for some romance. Hey, love is in the air!

These gummies are like your personal bodyguards, protecting you from stress and helping you feel more balanced and zen. They’re a tasty, easy way to get the benefits of Blue Lotus without having to take a big flower bouquet with you everywhere.

Just remember, everyone’s body is different, so it’s smart to chat with a grown-up before trying these gummies. They’re meant to be part of a healthy lifestyle, along with eating yummy foods and getting your body moving.

So, why not give Blue Lotus Gummies a try and see if they make you feel like a calm, cool, and collected superstar? It’s worth a shot!

Comparing Blue Lotus Gummies

Currently, there are not enough competing brands to do a fun comparison. We are happy to have been able to try the Stoned Blue Lotus gummies, the Chapo Extrax, and the Hometown Hero products (Vape). Since the products from Chapo Extrax and Stoned Blue Lotus were the closest in product format, we stuck with a comparison, not really a review, of the two.

All in all, both products have Blue Lotus Extract and Cannabinoids added. The Chapo in the blue corner weighed in at 5000mg. The Stoned in the Red corner weighed in at 10,000mg.

Since the Chapo Extrax appears to be more of the “lighter side” of the Blue Lotus extract combined with CBD/CBN (to relaxing cannabinoids but NOT intoxicating, most of our team discovered these are for chilling on the go or even for a boost for late evening. The taste, overall, was quite tolerable. Azul Blue Lotus Gummies come in a 20ct child-proof jar. Each flavor-packed gummy contains a proprietary 250mg Blue Lotus Extract, CBD, and CBN blend.

Now, if the Chapo Extrax products were the Lighter Side, then the Stoned Blue Lotus would be the Darker Side. These do have more hemp extracted compounds and these have more Blue Lotus extract (plus White Lotus). When you check the tale of the tape with these Stoned Blue Lotus, you understand why these two really are not direct comparisons, much like the Hometown Hero Blue Lotus vape product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Stoned Blue Lotus Gummies?
Stoned Blue Lotus Gummies are wellness gummies with 500mg of Blue Lotus, 200mg of White Lotus, and 300mg of Hemp Extract in each gummy, totaling 10,000mg per bag.

What benefits do Blue Lotus Gummies offer?
These gummies help with relaxation and stress relief.

How should I use Stoned Blue Lotus Gummies?
Start with a small dose. Each gummy has 1,000mg of the blend. Consult a healthcare professional before use.

What flavors are available?
They come in Blue Raspberry flavor.

What are the key ingredients in Blue Lotus Gummies?
Blue Lotus, White Lotus, and Hemp Extract.

What is Blue Lotus?
Blue Lotus has sky-blue flowers and offers mild calming and euphoric effects.

What is White Lotus?
White Lotus has large white flowers and is used for its calming properties.

Are Blue Lotus Gummies safe?
They can be toxic in large amounts. Consult a healthcare professional before use.

How do Blue Lotus Gummies compare to other products?
Stoned Blue Lotus Gummies have more Blue Lotus extract than similar products like Chapo Extrax.

Why should I try Stoned Blue Lotus Gummies?
They are a tasty and easy way to experience the relaxing benefits of Blue Lotus.

Additional information

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