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Sublime Chews from Your 420 HQ

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Sublime Chews from Your 420 HQ are a Careful Combination of Cannabis Compounds with Calming and Creative Catalysts.

You got that? Frankly, these two-THC edibles offer tremendous relief of discomfort from anxiety and overall stress while boosting your mental energies to hone in on your creative output!

That’s pretty much a summary statement from most of the focus group. These are 50mg each chew and offer the expected results of a combined cannabinoid dose of this strength. Combine this with the exceptional and award-winning taste of Tropical Mango (not the strong skunky taste you get with backdoor brands) and you have a great time in store!

As with all products with possibly psychoactive compounds, we strongly suggest that you begin with a very small portion of a single chew and build up after waiting at least 2 hours, if needed. As with all similar compounds, you will not feel any impact quickly – not until your body begins to metabolize the chew. Stop when you reach a level which suits you. We always recommend: It’s about healing, not the high.

Each Mango vegan chew (edible) has a combination of 22 mg of Delta 10 and 28 mg of Delta 8. It’s time to enjoy the Sublime Chews from Your 420 HQ.

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 4 in

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