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THC-O Wax Dab Concentrate

THC-O Wax Dabs are available in several knock-out strains/terpene profiles for your overall concentrate enjoyment. As always, we recommend starting “low and slow” with all new products until you are aware of the impact of a new concentrate.


The the tastiest THC-O Wax Dab Concentrate available. These wonderful THC-O Wax Dabs have 1 gram of premium THC-O wax concentrate with different terpene rich (strains) dabbing experience.

Please note that all THC-O products are an acetate form of the acclaimed phytocannabinoid. This makes their overall impact slightly different than what you may be expecting for the first time.

These THC-O concentrates (dabs) deliver as desired. Get the potent and relaxing feeling you want today with our THC-O concentrates.

  • 1 Gram puck
  • Several Strains
  • Premium THC-O

If you are new to dabbing or use of concentrates, Carolina Hemp Hut offers fun classes and guidance to get the proper setup for your best enjoyment. We always suggest exercising when exploring new products. You will find the best results by not jumping to an amount that is high. A little bit goes a long way to enjoying the great relaxation available from these tasty concentrates.

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