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THCa + D9 Live Resin Cartridges from Crush



Hemp-derived carts with THC-A + THC-P + D-11 & D9 LIVE RESIN. Available in several strains now. Enjoy the genuine THCa + D9 Live Resin Cartridges from Crush. Order ahead and pickup at any location.


THCa and D9 Live Resin Cartridges from the team at Crush are available now! These are tremedous, hemp-derived carts with THC-A + THC-P + D-11 & D9 LIVE RESIN.

Each 2 GRAM cartridge is nicely terped with amazing classic landrace and more modern strains for you to explore and enjoy.

THCA is the precursor to Delta 9 THC. It’s referred to as the acid form with inclusion of the “A” in THCA (or THCa). THCA becomes Delta 9 THC through heating, which also gives it a psychoactive effect. Without heating, THCA does not have any effects. Therefore, when heated THCA becomes regular Delta 9 THC and has the strength and effects of the THC we all know and love. THCA is very strong, CRUSH is the premium THCA vapable product on the market.

THC-P is an all naturally occurring compound within Cannabis. It is one of 140 phytocannabinoids founds in cannabis. THC-P is a more pronounced version of THC (Delta-9). It’s stronger and highly psychoactive.

Delta 11 is a rare, natural variant of tetrahydrocannabinol found in small concentrations in many strains of cannabis. Delta 11 is a stronger sativa focused energy version of Delta 8, a more closer relative of Delta 9 THC and has a much faster onset of effects.

Delta 9 THC Live Resin

Live Resin is the process of extracting cannabinoids from frozen Hemp plants. This results in more potent cannabinoids that include a better flavor, and is a lot more closer to the original extract.

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