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Vacuum Pump Oil for Harvest Right


Vacuum Pump Oil (2-pack) for Harvest Right Oil Pumps (Freeze Dryer pump). The best Vacuum Pump Oil for Harvest Right products.


Vacuum Pump Oil for Harvest Right freeze dryer (not the oil free version)  is important.

Using your Harvest Right Freeze Dryer produces amazing, long-lasting foods and other goods that save you money. In order for your Freeze Dryer to be able to process your materials at the correct temperatures, the Vacuum Pump Oil (2-pack) is used if you have the Premiere pump. 

This 2-Pack is recommended for use in Harvest Right Premiere and older pumps.

The most common complaint about freeze drying is loss in vacuum pressure. This loss is most often due to one of two things:

  1. A leak in the freeze dry system.
  2. An issue with the pump.

The appropriate frequency of oil changes can vary from very often (every time the freeze dryer is used), to seldom (every few months). It depends on the use of the freeze dryer and the solvents that are being processed.

Home freeze dryers have become a popular food preservation method to extend the shelf life of food.

Freeze-dried food lasts longer and is more lightweight than dehydrated food. Freeze-dried food also retains its color and shape better than dehydrated food. Additionally, more types of food such as ice cream, milk, eggs, and complete meals can be freeze-dried.

While you are preserving your foods for better health, the oil you may occasionally use to preserve the life of your system is important.

Additional information

Weight 34 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 4 in

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