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SB711: Compassionate Care Act

When Mary and I were at the Capitol in Raleigh, we talked with some lawmakers who, we believe may be very vital to the passage of the Senate Bill SB711 and would need to meet real people who have experienced real issues in health and life and this is why we continue to fight for more open access to herbal solutions as was the norm just a few centuries ago – when people didn’t die as much from bad health as bad choices.

We invite you to read the bill as it does at least OPEN a path to access for people who seek LEGAL relief from problems that thay may already know finds relief by the use of an illegal source before.

We know it will lead to more pressure on our government to open more awareness of the need for research following the path of more open products to healing rather than relying solely on the manipulated opions of government agencies controlled by people on a power trip.