CBD/Hemp Oil: What is its Impact on Sciatica?

I'm not a doctor. I am not equipped to tell you about the mechanisms and medicine that work with our nervous system. However, I can tell you about the people I've worked with and pass along their stories. Hopefully we will be able to further define cures for many of the problems which plague us.

A variety of lower back problems can lead to pain that radiates along the sciatic nerve. Most often, sciatica pain is caused when the L5 or S1 nerve root in the lower spine is irritated by a herniated disc.
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My friend, Cindy, who plays tennis avidly, commented to me about her back pain and sciatica. I did a lot of homework on the issue and found a wealth of good information for her. I passed along links and references found (look up your own by searching in Google for "sciatica and cbd"). I was happy to provide these references to her. I hoped she would find benefit. I wasn't going to force any product on her - she needed to make an INFORMED decision. This turned out to be exactly as she needed. Listen to the story and use it to help guide your own discovery: Will CBD work for your particular body aches and pains?

I'd love to hear from my readers and viewers. What is going on with your pain? What are you doing to address it?

CBD/Hemp Oil and Sciatica Pain

Your Pets can Use Your Help

I've recently published a handy calculator for CBD dosing for Pets. If you've been following my posts to the blog or my FB posts, then you may have seen information about it. This calculator automatically will calculate approximate dosing for your fur babies. Although it is intended for Dogs and Cats, it may be used for other animals with care. It's always advised that you have a trained veterinary resource guide you on dosing. We are not veterinarians and do not want to be providing official veterinary advice. We're presenting information we've discovered from experts and hope you're able to have the needed conversations with your animal care practitioner.

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