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The Beginner’s Guide to CBD Products: CBD Drops

CBD and Hemp Seeds - Good for your health


CBD Drops are, by far, the most common method for dispensing Cannabidiol under the tongue (sublingual).

Pharmacists will reveal a well-known secret about sublingual drops. When you take certain substances sublingually, they can enter directly into your bloodstream. This allows for the components absorbed into the bloodstream they're carried faster to your body tissues. Compare this to the administration of the same dosing of CBD via a Gel Cap or gummy. When you place a gel cap or gummy in your mouth and (chew or not), your body will take the CBD and other compounds and run them off to your digestive tract instead of your bloodstream. In other words, sublingual drops bypass the stomach's processing of CBD. What you are able to have absorbed via your sublingual tissue is best. The rest of the CBD which you may swallow after allowing a period of absorption will be processed partially via your digestive process - much later.

Once your digestive system has the CBD, it uses the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to help with discomfort from Colitis, Ulcers, GERD and Chron's Disease. But, the process becomes more of a lengthy digestive tract pathway compared to the shortcut to the bloodstream from the sublingual path. All in all, think of it as a shortcut to digestive process - which is a longer process. Under digestion, the hemp product needs to be ingested, broken down by the stomach, absorbed by the small intestine, and metabolized by the liver.

Works for Most People

Sublingual Drops provide convenient sublingual (under the tongue) dosing of CBD. For most people, a dropper-full of Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) placed under the tongue is an effective administration of CBD. As long as you are able to retain the CBD under your tongue for 30 seconds or more, you're likely absorbing a large enough portion of the CBD via the capillaries and other blood vessels found under your tongue. Ideally, the longer you retain the liquid under your tongue, the better.

Keeps your Body in Balance

Homeostatis is the condition of "balance" with your body. When things are working like they should, you have balance or homeostasis. This is often achievable when you are able to alter your diet, exercise and include proven holistic additions to your diet. There are countless articles now available attesting to the benefits of Hemp Oil Extracts (CBD oil). We're not going to describe any CBD products as a Cure for any disease, but we're very pleased to tell people that it's a fantastic natural solution to aid in the relief of many discomforts.

CBD Drops allow for Convenient dosing

Although most people will take their CBD drops under their tongues in the morning or in the evening, there's no set time when you should take CBD. If you're taking it to help improve your focus, then the early hours are best. If you're taking CBD to boost your body's normal sleep, then you're likely to take your CBD drops in the evening.

The key is, you're not likely to overdose ever on CBD. Large doses (over 500mg at a time, for example) tend to cause people a bit of malaise and perhaps intestinal distress which will pass fairly quickly and isn't typically a need for medical concern. If you build up to taking more CBD per dose, you may find benefit from cannabinoids as associated with discomfort from more troublesome health conditions such as arthritis, cancer or Parkinson's disease. Again, CBD is not intended as a cure for these and many other health issues, but it has a solid place in helping people fight the associated discomforts. Taking as much CBD as your body needs is a good start.

3 Simple Tips for CBD Drops

CBD Drops Vary by Manufacturer

Many people find that CBD drops are becoming more ubiquitous. Gas Stations, Chiropractic offices, Massage therapists and so many more are getting in on the CBD game every day. For the most part, what they're offering is probably very accurately described and beneficial. There are, however, sources for CBD which are more likely to be low quality and higher priced. We've covered some of this topic in previous videos and articles.

All in all, when you're searching for drops, you're better off looking with several aspects in mind:


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National Brand - While this is NOT the best solution, it's often a good approach since companies who are bigger have deeper pockets and are more likely to spend the money needed to ensure that their products are third-party tested for each batch of product produced. Some national brands (like Diamond CBD) have already been caught cheating on their strengths have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar too many times.


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Certification of Analysis - This is what should be available from your vendor, no matter what. All of our products have COAs. These help illustrate, from a third party tester, what the components and strengths are of each batch of hemp oil extract products. Having this for every batch ensures the customers that the products being sold are tested by a third party and are more likely to contain the strengths and ingredients listed on the label.


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Budget and Taste - I've included these together since they're often both more of preferences. For example, we offer Evo Hemp's wonderfully inexpensive national branded Evo Hemp Full Spectrum CBD drops