Pot Headz #2: Cannabis and Cops

an Issue of the Exclusive Carolina Hemp Hut Print, "Pot Headz". This cannabis culture series is designed with humor to teach

Buddy, your hemp flower bud has mentioned that too many people don’t understand what is legal with hemp and what is not. We hope to dispel some of the rumors and hearsay and presnt the facts – all in a fun way.  One issue is what do you do when a cop stops you and […]

Cannabis: What’s the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

What's the Difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

We get a lot of confused people visiting our stores. We do our best to educate everyone so they are better prepared to navigate the increasingly complex world of cannabis related products. We do this for sake of helping others stay in the legal area instead of the illicit trade plus we truly care about […]