THC and CBD relationship

What does THC do with CBD?

If you're already a fan of CBD, then you're in growing company. Many people have taken to CBD (Cananbidiol to those who are more aware of Cananbinoids) to improve their health and the overall balance that their body needs. Some have found that it helps with aspects such as:

  • Sleep Modulation
  • Reduction of discomfort
  • Lessening of anxiety

Many would contend that THC is better at these aspects than CBD. The truth is, they're both beneficial to the human (and other organisms) body.

A recent article in Inside Science details the relationship between THC and CBD.

If you find that THC's psychoactive component is lessened when you take CBD, you're not alone. However, it's still key to acknowledge that the "high" often felt with THC products is typically unavoidable when you reach a strong enough dose.

THC and CBD in one product