We’ve been in business since 2017. We operate several Cannabis related stores concentrating on the fully legal (2018 Farm Bill compliant) Hemp products. When we started out, we found that offering products from established hemp manufacturers and wholesale companies really helped get the ball rolling.

We built one of the best customer service models in our industry and due to this, we have been excelling at not only offering great products, but helping people appreciate better hemp health options. As people discovered our products, we realized we needed to expand what we offer beyond the product sets which we already purchased.

After a lot of very deliberate steps, we secured GMP certified manufacturing facilities and had our first products on the drawing board for research, development, packaging, and distribution. We knew that we could not rely on Avery or similar styled LaserJet or inkjet labels for our products. Of course, getting product out the door using home-made labels makes sense to people starting out, but we were well beyond this point. We needed products to look “sexy” and polished. We need our products to pop with quality when held in the hand.

Our search for products initially led to a few mid-tier quality products from printing companies. Most of these were highly adequate and they performed well. But something was still missing. We looked at products outside of the Hemp/CBD domain and knew that packaging for products such as the iPhone had a certain appeal to people when they opened them. In fact, we knew our products needed that “sexy” appeal.

I requested a sample pack from Wizard Labels to test out their offerings from a spectrum of possibilities with product labeling. Our team is keen on immediate visual appeal. We know that people will accept just ok for their product labels but really gravitate and appreciate products that underscore quality. Our contract manufactured products are high-end and we needed a HIGH-END label for the packaging (in a key example, our Tincture/Drops).

Wizard’s samples arrived quickly, and we assembled as a group to examine them. There was a lot of “oh wow” and “hmm, nice” comments. We knew the products offered in these samples aligned well with our targeted patch for attractive labelling.

We needed to follow due diligence and we reached out to 3 more label printing organization and requested their samples too. Two of them responded with sample labels while one dropped the ball, after multiple requests, in sending us samples.

Wizard Labels was head-to-head against two other vendors/manufacturers in our research. We did not want to rush into this; we wanted a very deliberate process. Even though cost per label was an important factor for us, we knew it was not weighted as the top requirement. To us, quality of look and touch was the most important set of factors.

Each of the vendors had sent the proper sized labels for applying to our tincture/drops bottles. This allowed us to test out the labels on real bottles of product. After applying the various labels, they were all scrutinized by the team plus a small focus group of VIP customers. Frankly, we knew we had to find a product label that would sing and dance. We needed one that would reflect high quality – just like the product we were producing.

When all the scores were tabulated, we had a clear winner. Our lengthy (it took time to get more eyes on the products for a reasonable population size for evaluation) evaluation let us discover the best in Wizard Labels. We know that their product costs more than some of the competitors. But we also know that they don’t charge a fortune for label set up like other firms do.

When we solidify the product packaging and labelling for our next product line, we are ordering again from Wizard Labels. It makes sense to us to show the buyer the best we can offer and that best includes packaging labels from Wizard.

If you ever want to discuss product packaging for CBD/Hemp products, I invite you to contact me so I can provide you with more of our process and experience with Wizard Labels. You are bound to enjoy the results from Wizard!

David P Carter, Ops/Marketing – Carolina Hemp Hut stores and CarolinaHempHut.com