Staying Clear of Online Scams from CBD Ads

By Dave Carter

In 2019, I wrote my first article about CBD Scams. Since I was in the Hemp business, I wanted to protect our business and its reputation. I started researching...

Articles on the web often are written for random web sites that pop up temporarily simply to sell products quickly then disappear.

If a website describes CBD Gummies or Drops as the "miracle cure" or sounds like they can do anything, then you should be more careful.

Check your passwords

It really does not matter the gender of the person wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope, if you see that combination along with any medical claims, it is time to be cautious.

Most often, the CBD Scam sites will lead you to a Landing Page that has someone in a lab coat along with other photos of elder people enjoying themselves actively playing tennis or similar.

Beware of the Lab Coat Cutie!

Medical Claims are a No No

One of the biggest reasons people get caught in the Scammer trap is they believe too much of what they read. If the article tells you that the product will cure everything from ugliness to baldness, you know it is fake.

The FDA tracks down companies who make medical claims. Scammers set up shop, sell fast, then shut down before they get tracked.

I had heard in my youth, "Free can be more expensive than expensive." We never trust a Free Trial Offer or any deal which is SUPER LOW in price without reading the Terms and Conditions FULLY.

Terms and Conditions of Web Offers should be easy to find, normally at the bottom of the web page. Read them, even if they are tiny like this.

Don't even trust your friends

Your friends, unless they have actually purchased the product and used it more than a month ago, are more likely to share what they have "heard on the web" or from a friend who heard it from a friend... Again, a deal that sounds too good to be true is neither.

Compare Prices

This is pretty much common sense, but most people miss it. When you shop for a CBD product, look at the prices of comparable products. Do the simple math to determine the Price Per Milligram of the competing products.  This will let you know if a product is "way out of the norm" or fair priced.

Do not forget to use the REAL price of products when you are comparing. Take a look at this text taken directly from a scammer's Terms and Conditions:

Trial offers include a 14-day (plus 2 days for shipping for a total of 16 days) product evaluation period ("trial period"). You will be charged $4.95 for shipping during the checkout of your trial offer. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable. After the free trial period ends, you will be charged for the normal cost of the product you received and the product will automatically renew as a subscription at its then-current renewal price with no further action from you, until cancelled.

Learn more: Speak with the Carolina Hemp Hut team

Even if you do not wish to buy products from us, we offer education to everyone who inquires. We do not like to hear of people getting "ripped off" with any scam. Period. Reputable shops and web stores will also have a phone number and a good email address. We have those. Check out the scammer sites. We dare you to find the Phone Number.

Dave Carter writes for Carolina Hemp Hut and numerous other health-oriented blogs.